Bin Laden surrounded?

In UK terms, tabloid is nowadays just a newspaper format, however it is a useful label.

You will be aware that our papers are regaraded as being divided into two formats, the broadsheet and the tabloid.

During the 1970’s as new presses were installed, the large circulation newspapers took advantage of the newer technology to produce the tabloid sized publication.
The mere fact of their large circulation allowed them the finances to do so.

It was no coincidence that the high circulation newspapers had those numbers, as they appeal to the lowest common denominator, with stories of sex, vicars, schoolgirls, naughty nuns etc.
These papers printed anything they could to boost their circualtion, includung bare-breasetd females, sometimes in artificial “romantic” poses with bare breasted men, along with the celebrity gossip “Love rat had me and left me” kiss and tell stories.
These publications being The Sun, The Mirror, Daily Sketch(which folded).These have been joined in their salaciousness and somewhat overtaken in this matter by ,The Star, and The Sport - the latter is not really a newspaper at all and makes a tissue thin pretence.

Those newpapers already had something of a poor journalistic reputation(and indeed their editors call them “enetrtainments” rather than news) and when they went to the tabloid format it gave rise to the prejorative term.

Strictly speaking though, other newpapers did go to the tabloid format and these would not be considered ‘tabloidy’, though they are not above paying to prompt or instigate a story, The Daily Express,The Daily Mail.

The broadsheets simply had too low a ciruclation to justify the large capital outlay and stuck to quality analytical reporting, these were, The Observer,The Guardian(origianlly The Poor Man’s Guardian and Britains oldest national newspaper), The Times, The Daily Telegraph.
Those broadsheets were later joined by The Independant.

All those broadsheets are noted for good journalism, but with long ariticles, wordy issues, and relativley few pictures, they don’t appeal to the lazy reader, or the ignorant and stupid.

The Independant has recently strated printing in the tabloid format but is still regarded as a broadsheet.

Very many local newspapers are still printed in broadsheet but very few have any real national significance or real importance.
The exception to this is the London Evening Standard, although it is a local newspaper, it’s stamping ground ensures that it will tend to pick up on important issues which will then get re-reported or syndicated.

Tabloidy type papers, especially the Sunday Filthies, do have a habit of picking up very serious issues, things such as security lapses, fincancial wrongdoings by the respectable, or anything scandalous and as such do carry out a public service

Just to add to casdave’s post, while British tabloids can be pretty trashy they are unlikely to simply invent stories wholesale, apart from the Sport (which doesn’t really count, it’s sort of the British National Enquirer). They’ll exaggerate, twist, and embroider, to be sure, but they do have some journalistic standards.
That said, nobody else seems to be running this story, apart from the Independent which merely refers to the Sunday Express article.

None of the major American news sources is reporting this. Google News has it, but they’re just parroting the British report.

I have to believe that the US media would be reporting this if the story had any legs under it.

When they catch him, it will be most assuredly be announced not over a weekend. This would definately be released on a MOnday morning or late afternoon and probably in late September. That way we have the entire week to be bombarded with OSAMA CAUGHT until our WAZOO is filled to capacity and then back to our regularly scheduled humdrum reporting for the weekend.

They probably already have him and are keeping him in some hole until the elections or ratings sweeps.

That’s my spin on it.
Not that I’m paranoid or some…hey…whats that!

If they indeed had him surrounded, with no possibility of escape, then I could conceive the possibility of just letting him continue to “broadcast”, as it were, in order to try and locate more of his bobos.

More likely, though, would be a gangbusters-style raid.

Personally, I think he’s in Chechnya.

Wearing a new face and mingling with a bunch of European looking Muslim fundamentalists.

Warming up, perhaps?

A similar report was carried in the Irish Star on Sunday (another tabloid as described above).

It even had a picture of a mountainside with an arrow: HE’S HERE!

The claim is that US Special Forces and the SAS are all over the area, just waiting for the word from Bush.

Well I ask, if they truly know where he is, then why not get him immediately? Failing that, just demolish the mountain on top of the bastard.

I reckon they already have him and are just waiting for an opportune time to put the info out.

There a new Reuters article where US and Pakistani officials are denying that they know where Bin Laden is. Basically, they say that if they knew where he was, they’d go get him.

Take that for whatever you think it’s worth.

Given our track record at finding things…

Is Geraldo Riveria working for them? :slight_smile: