Bin Laden surrounded?

News link; I don’t know how long it’ll last.

My head hurts.

Either it’s taken almost a week for a Sunday Express report to be picked up by other news sources or those same news sources are reporting on a story to be printed in tomorrow’s paper.

The story is dated February 22, 2004, which iis still tomorrow for most of us.

It must be Sunday in Austrailia by now, but over in the UK (where the Express is printed)it’s about 7:00PM on a Saturday. However it’s not unusual in the UK (esp. for Sunday papers) to release details of important/senstaional stories the day before in order to sell newspapers.

I think it’s pretty common to have the sunday paper appear on saturday.

I don’t find it on any other news source; besides, Bin Laden won’t be found until October. Everyone knows that.

Well there are certainly a few reports on google news:

But there’s also this report from an Indian newspaper:

Untill just about a month before the elections.

So, if I read that article correctly we know where ObL is and troops are waiting for the orders to go and get him? If this is true and if the White House is waiting for a politically expedient time to give the order, they will look rather stupid.

If he was boxed in yesterday he should be in custody today. Don’t wait, just do it. Don’t turn it into a bigger circus than it needs to be. I would guess that if ObL was arrested than that would pretty much guarantee a reelection for Shrub. But I think that it could also hurt him if it is shown that he held out on nailing Osama just to get some political mileage out of it.

True, but the ones reporting Bin Laden being surrounded are just citing the Sunday Express story.

I hope it is true! Then, question the bum…if he resists, just tie him to the bumper of a Humvee and take him for a little ride. Take a post mortem shot of him with a pig, and let the corpse rot!

You inhumane degenerate!!!

How could you do that to a pig?

Probably, depending on the timing and what happens afterwards. If he is captured soon, and Bush declares that the War on Terror is successful (maybe on the deck of another aircraft carrier?), and then some new, major acts of terrorism occur, it might not make him look to good. That’s why I don’t think Bin Laden will be captured, or at least surface, until October. Enough time to bump his numbers without too much risk of a backlash.

Didn’t they say something like this in the Winter of 2001? And again about a year ago?

Damnit, if you know where he is, grab him and plunk him in front of a camera in handcuffs for all to see. If you don’t, quit telling peopl you do.

How reliable is this British paper that printed the story? I’ve often heard that British newspapers are very tabloid in nature, and in the US, tabloids are famous for making up stories.

“That would be news to everybody in this room. No, I haven’t heard anything – haven’t heard anything like that,” reported White House spokesman Scott McClellan.

I am pragmatically skeptical.

Until you have a body in hand, be it warm and pink or cold and blue, nothing is certain.

Nothing on CNN either. I would have figured CNN would have jumped on that like a fat kid on a cupcake.

I’ve got friends “in the know” of certain things. Lemme give them a call too. . .

" Oh yeah, we got 4300 troops surrounding his position in East Goatfeltch. We go in on Tuesday, we’re just waiting for the virgins to show up to lure him out". Or more likely, they have some third grade functionary leak stuff like this rumor every few months so everyone starts writing them off as false alarms. Then one time it will be true, and A-Q blows it off as another load of crap.

Well, I can hope.

I’m down with that.

I’m betting that within 15 minutes of this hitting the streets in the Sunday Express (earlier, actually…as soon as word got out that they were running with the story) every major news outlet in the world started calling their contacts for confirmation. I’d be astonished in or didn’t have SOMETHING up if they could get any form of confirmation at all.

Anyone have anything else?

That would be great if it’s true! It would be nice if a British person could give us Americans some insight on the British “tabloid” issue.

I’m sure that if it is true we’ll find out soon. It would be a disaster for Bush if it turned out troops were on the verge of capturing Osama and he escaped because they didn’t act fast enough. Plus, I think most people would remember Bush for having caught Osama even if it took place months before the election.