Bin Laden

I’ve seen him variously named as Usama.Osama.Ussamah.Ossame

What is the chap’s real name anyway? It’d better be right on the charge sheet or some smart arsed defence lawyer will demand that it be thrown out of court!

… but, seriously, this chap could take the wind out of everyones sails by voluntarily surrendering himself to become a martyr and victim of the Wicked West. That would really embarrass everybody.

I’m glad this problem’s not on my plate.


Ye Gods Chubbs! That was quick!

I can’t help you with the name thing - I have the same problem with Khadafi/Qaddafi/etc.

And couldn’t we just take the wind out of THEIR sails by giving him life in prison without parole? Hard to be a martyr if you’re still alive!