Let's rename that Bin dude

I admit it, I can’t remember his whole name, and actually have trouble even with that bin laden part. So henceforth I shall be calling him

Drum roll please

Well his name sorta sounds like it. Ok, that is how I rationalized this name change when discussing the past week with a friend and called the villian of our tragedy “salad”. So I am going to stick to that story.

But, think about it, he could be a fruit salad. And no one (ok a few people in the world may argue that he isn’t, but they are on his side)is going to argue that he isn’t a nut case and fruity (definition of fruity being crazy–from my childhood).

If he is a lettuce salad, don’t we want to see him tossed out of power and maybe even worse.

So it is Salad the leader of those extremists.

I think this old quote from Cecil discussing the many ways to spell Qaddafi works here too.

An Aussie friend here suggested he should move to Osaka. Thus he could be “Osaka Bin Liner*”.

(*bin liner=aussie for trash bag)

I want to see the day we can refer to him as Aint Bin Breethin…

Salad is actually very funny, but too nice a name for the guy, I think.

I humbly propose Booger Face for your kind consideration.

Creaky B.

He’s a shadowy international terrorist type. Let’s give him a ‘spy’ name…

My suggestion: “The Target.”


Salad sounds (or at least looks) rather like Saladin, the guy who they were after in the actual Crusades. If I’m not mistaken, the brass recanted referring to the coming conflict as a “crusade” because they didn’t want our Muslim allies to get the wrong idea…

However, I think I will take up calling him Salad because whenever I’m reading a news budget to the ed I tend to accent --and mispronounce-- the “den” rather than the “La” and wind up looking ignorant. (La-DEEN sounds so much more like a character from an Aladdin movie, which is where I expect many of us young folks got our miseducation about things Ararbic.)

Osama been Lyin’?

As for the OP: I was thinking the exact same thing today. Sorta like when President HW Bush use to mispronounce
“Saddam” just to piss him off.

Now, I think it should be subtle, so Osama bin-dickweed won’t work. Maybe someone with a knowledge of Arabic could come up with a nice play on words?

Osama Bid Dover?

Speaking of which… when we start bombing (and we will bomb because that’s what we do best) there will be a lot of refugees. They probably won’t have a lot of clothes with them. Maybe we can help them out by sending them T-shirts with BOHICA on the front? It might help their government know they would rather live in peace than to harbour a terrorist and his organization.

Oops. That’s “Osama Bin Dover”.

Salad is good. Think of the possibilities:
[ul][li]Lettuce salad: Lettuce have your head, Binny.[/li][li]Caesar salad: Binny thought it was fun to Caesar commercial jets for evil ends, but he’ll soon learn better when he Caesar missiles headed his way.[/li][li]Pasta salad: Stop trying to pasta blame on someone else, bub.[/li][li]Chef salad: :Cups hand to ear: What’s that I hear? The sound of Binny chef-ling off to prison![/li][/ul]OK, enough punning for now…

Booger Face is good, thanks Creaky.

But I can’t believe no one has suggested it yet…Asshole!

Just wondering if the Taliban recruitment posters say “Uncle Osama Needs YOU!”

Anyway, I think in true SDMB spirit he should just be called “Felchwad” (though asshole is good too).

Bantha Fodder

Osama Jihada Mirada Sonata Mañana Stigmata Empada Yolanda Piñata Yadda-Yadda binLaden.


How about Captain Small Penis? The only problem I can find with that is we have to refer to him as captain. Failing that, we could just call him cum rag or assbutt. That’s what I’ve been calling him.

“Osama bin Laden” spells, “Alias, Nomad Ben.”

Osama Been Hidin’