Biofeedback Therapy (for evacuation disorders)

The obligatory disclaimer:
I’m not asking for medical advice, just looking for people’s testimonials.

The setup:
I suffer from unrelenting chronic constipation, and have for a little over four years, to the point of having largely forgotten what normality was like. It’s life-destroyingly miserable, to be blunt. Anyway, at the beginning of this year, I got tested and was told I had pelvic floor dyssynergia (aka, anismus, paradoxical contraction, non-relaxing puborectalis, …), which I guess means I’ve been constipated so long, my anorectal muscles have forgotten how to properly evacuate. As a result, doctors recommended I undergo a kind of therapy called biofeedback, where I practice exercises with those muscles to relearn how to properly evacuate, all while being given visual feedback from sensors hooked up to them. It has apparently been shown to have quite high success rates for treating evacuatory disorders such as mine (though I think the studies have mainly been on women and children, 23-year-old guys apparently being quite a minority among sufferers of such problems). I took six sessions of it and while it may have yielded some small improvements, things are largely as unproductive and frustrating as they were before. But I think perhaps I was just given a substandard program of it (my sessions were spaced out about three weeks to over a month apart, and each session would be filled with a lot of pointless, redundant discussion of diet with only like 10 minutes of actual biofeedback exercise. Reading around, I get the impression that weekly hourlong appointments are more orthodox). So, still, I will probably try to go back for more sessions (hopefully done right this time), since I have nothing else to try.

The punchline:
Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else on these boards has undergone similar treatment (biofeedback therapy for evacuation or pelvic disorders of some kind or another) and what their experiences with it were like. (Long shot, and perhaps this thread will just sink like a stone, but thought I’d at least see).