Birch Libertarians

Our “local” Birch Society, which goes under the name of T.R.I.M., are full-on Libertarians.
Does this go together?
I’d always figured the Birchers were adamant anti-communists, but how do they reconcile with Libertarianism?
I’d think they would be right wingers.

How is Libertarianism anything like Communism?

It isn’t.

But somehow it seems like they would be staunch Republicans or even Buchanan supporters.
They (theres only 2 at the meetings) are interesting, for sure.

This is what the JBS and Libertarians have in common:

They want minimal foreign policy, including US withdrawl from the U.N. and an end to intervention in other countries’ conflicts.

They want minimal government intervention in peoples’ lives: No gun bans, confiscatory income taxes, and, at least according to the Libertarians, no laws regarding the sale and posession of marijuana.

I don’t know the JBS position on drugs. I would assume that most of them would oppose their use on moral grounds but be against government control of what people do on their own time and in their own homes.

The two ideologies are quite similar, although more ex-hippies become Libertarians than Birchers. And Libertarianism, by the way, has nothing to do with Communism. Where did you get that idea?

I never Had that idea.
It was a bit of a non sequiter.