Don't like republican methods? You are a commie!

Okay, this is not much of a pitting, more an I don’t believe this.
I have been known to post (not here) a little about republicans.
Like, say, a few of the military ballots in the last election were dated too late to be counted, etc.
You guys know about this, right?

I was told to stop getting my news from the Daily Worker AND Gus Hall.

This just tripped me out so, I had to pit it.
Anyone who disagrees with something Republicans did is communistic?

They didn’t realize Gus has been dead a few years. heh.

Carry on, I jsut HAD to releive myself of that bit of Bizarreness.

Pretty standard rhetoric, isn’t it? Call liberals commies and conservatives fascists, that kind of thing?

Surely you’ve seen that exact same thing from both ends of the political spectrum right here on these boards. Or are you noticing it only now?

Yes, I have noticed both extremes on this board, but that was just bizarre, especially since it was addressed to me, a little ol Green.

:: sigh ::

If only the civility and good sense being displayed in this thread, especially though not exclusively by Blackclaw and elucidator, were the norm rather than the increasingly rare exception!

Aha! Big-government supportin’ anarchist!

It seems like there’s something about being a Republican that causes people to view the world in oversimplistic, black-and-white terms – “patriot vs. communist” is just one iteration of this crap.

You do realise the irony of your generalisation here, don’t you?

Nah, I can recognize numerous shades of conservative ideology, and know that not all Republicans are alike. But details get in the way of a cheap shot. :wink:

If it’s an appropriate message board, you could try pointing out that, since the very first Christian communities were communistic, you take being called a “Communist” as a compliment. Seriously, re-read Acts 4 and 5, especially Acts 4:32-37.

Yes, I’m a trouble-maker! :wink:

Heh! I’ve noticed that you can get some of the more politically-oriented Conservative Christians foaming at the mouth with this tactic…

Oh, and when they go on about the “fact” that while the early church lived communally, it wasn’t coerced, just remind them of Ananias and Sapphira and ask them if being strick dead doesn’t sound like coercion.

Vanilla, the thing that bothers me, still, about the strategy taken during the absentee ballot counting phase of the Florida election was that the same party that was complaining about the unfairness of the butterfly ballot because it was too hard for voters to use were the same ones who were using all available technicalities to throw out military ballots because of how they expected military votes to cast their votes. I’m not arguing that there weren’t legitimate problems with the ballots - just that the deliberate targetting of a section of the voting public because of their perceived bias pisses me off. When you add to it that I was told by one Democratic supporter at the time that ‘anyone too stupid to fill out an absentee ballot shouldn’t be allowed to vote,’ it seems just a little two-faced to me.

I don’t know whether you’ve been at the mercy of the military mails, but I have. I’ve had absentee ballots show up aboard ship as much as two weeks after the elelction in question, so I’d be inclined, myself, to be a little lenient on the various date problems. Likewise, when someone is deployed, how do you find out what defines a proper witness for the witness signature on an absentee ballot (Usually described as being someone who will attest that the vote is for a legal registered voter for the locale - as defined by the local board of elections.), when you have no access to a phone, and your command doesn’t have a legal officer?

Again, I’m not saying that the reasons for throwing out individual ballots weren’t legitimate - just that the rationale for the campaign to throw out as many as possible left a bad taste in my mouth.

And so was Jesus!

Nah, they think Jesus was a conservative Republican.
Its hopeless.
But I know what you are talking about with those verses.

He started it!

I was just going along, looking for a good spot to spew my day’s ration of bile and invective, and here he comes, slinging calm reason and sensibility around, I mean, just how much can you take!

Look, I’m just as nasty and ill-tempered as the next guy, but rub me the right way, and I become positively pleasant!

(Perhaps I might have worded that better…)

Jesus was a radical of his time-a long haired hippie bleeding-heart. I mean, here’s a guy going around, no posessions, no home, preaching AGAINST the establishment, (and the religious fundamentalists of the time), yelling at the money-lenders, hanging out with whores and tax-collectors (although why were tax-collectors considered evil? Weren’t they just doing their jobs?), sticking it to the Man.

I once saw a bumpersticker saying, “Jesus was a liberal.” I mean, the guy said to give all your posessions away to the poor, to live a simple, uncomplicated life, to love others, etc. If THAT is not being a hippie pinko commie, then what is?


Tax collectors in the Roman provinces were independent contractors. Rome levied a certain amount in taxes each year. Any extra that the tax collectors could get went into their own pockets. The incentive to squeeze as hard as you can in that position was high and the publicans had a very bad reputation because of it.

Hmmm. If you align something, then you align it again, you *re-*align. If you have surfaced, and you surfaced again, then you re- surface. If a vile running dog jackal of the Roman Empire was a “publican” then…?

They didn’t cover this shit in sunday school.

That could be a debate: Was Jesus a communist?

Too bad Olentzero is gone, he could explain better than I.

Actually, I wasn’t accused of being one, just that That was where I got my news.
As if anything that says somethign uncomplimentary of the current admin is communistic, or traitoristic.
Michale Moore is the Worst!

especially if you read it in re-verse.

Hmph. You can’t fool me, luci. I’ve been watching you, and lately you’ve been flirting with Dopers who… well, let’s just say their bedroom walls aren’t plastered with life-size posters of JFK – past OR present model. Likethis bit of come-hitheriness in post number 65:

Flirting with my Starving Artist, are you? :eek: And here I thought SA and I had an… understanding. :frowning: You better watch out, eluci-my-guy-datorSA may be a right-wing tool, but he’s my right-wing tool. :mad: