Birds of Prey question

Okay, so I caught about twenty minutes of an episode yesturday. Personally, I didn’t care too much for it and wounldn’t be overly hurt if I never see it again, but watching the opening, I had a question:

Okay, this chicks parents are Batman and Catwoman. Both are humans. So how is it she’s “Half metahuman”? Wouldn’t that require at least one of her parents being metahuman as well?

Maybe Catwoman was a metahuman, but didn’t know it. Or maybe it was a dormant gene that has just recently come to fore due to climactic changes on Earth. What, you’re looking for logic from a TV show?

Considering how outlandish Batman’s abilities are being portrayed lately (he can move so quietly not even Superman can hear him!), maybe he has some metahuman genes in him.

The show claims Catwoman is metahuman.

What else! I never get to watch TV at this time. What’s the backstory, what is a metahuman, and how do you make one? What are her powers? Is Batman dead or alive? What about Cat Woman? Is she in Gotham? What kind of arch-enemies does she have? Any sidekicks? She rich? What kind of gear (armor, ropes, guns, batarangs, whips) does she pimp? Does she steal like her Mama? Does she work out of a cave? Is she single? She got a butler? How old is she?


DaLovin’ Dj

dj, only reason you need to watch this show:

Ashley Scott. Rowr!

Ongoing, your basic super-heroic mutant, it’s genetic. She has cat-type powers, maybe, nope, buried, no arch-enemies… that she knows of, just Dinah, nope, slinky clothes, yep, nope, yep, yep, mid-to-late 20’s.

Firstly, this is a very alt-universe storyline. Metahumans appear to be born with their powers, making them more like Marvel’s Mutants than anything DC-related.

The retconcept is that Catwoman was a meta, who had a child with Batman, and she’s the Huntress. The Joker has either killed Batman or ran him out of town 20 years ago, fairly sure that Catwoman is in the same state, and Batgirl (Played by Dina Meyer) was shot and lost the use of her legs.

I think one of the main plots of the series is Harley Quinn trying to take over the city, but quite honestly, the show’s pretty bad. Like ‘Cleopatra 2525’ bad, and it’s on at the same time as the West Wing and the new Twilight Zone.


To be clear, there are in fact metas in the DC Universe who just develop their powers innately like Marvel’s mutants (Vibe was one, as was, I think, Jade), but many fewer.


No, no, you have it all wrong. My SO makes me watch this show with him, and demands that I answer questions like “wasn’t that great?”, or “Isn’t this a good show?”.
Batman and Catwoman were lovers. Unbeknownst to Batman, Catwoman had a child (Helen/Huntress). Approximately 6 years ago, Catwoman is killed in a random mugging which the child sees. Batman finds out that the child is his daughter and leaves his wealth to her. Then, because he is so brokenhearted over Catwoman’s death, he leaves New Gotham for parts unknown. Batgirl tries to take up the slack. However, she is suprised by the Joker, who shows up at her apartment and shoots her, which paralyzes her from the waist down.

Batman was entirely human, but had great wealth and cool toys. Catwoman was metahuman, and had special abilities, which were passed on Helen/Huntress.

Batgirl, with the help of the apparently immortal Alfred the Butler, set up shop in an old clock tower, and is a teacher in her spare time. Helen/Huntress got some snazzy duds and goes around fighting evil.
For the record - I hate this show.