So did anyone catch Birds Of Prey?

Well I guess thats it. The show was a good concept but many of the episdoes were poorly executed. The cast was great on the other hand was dead on IMO. Ashley Scott was a great (and hot!) Helena Kyle. Dina Meyer was one heck of a Batgirl/Oracle I can’t think of anyone else who would have done it better.
This last episode was the best one I’ve seen. They kept the annoying heart to heart moments to a minimum and had some very nice fighting to save the day. They summed everything up and left the door open. We also got a little hint about where Batman was, Alfred had a shot gun and we also got a… intimate moment between Ashley and the Mia. And its a shame this is the last because Mia Sara really was great this episode. She really reminded me of an old insane Batman villan.
Its a shame to see this series go. It had a lot of potential and talent. Too bad they lacked the writing to make it great. sigh I’m going to miss Ashley Scott…

Somehow I missed the season finale. But my niece sent a link to a petition to try to get the network to put it on DVD. So I signed it. Shame about that show.

not great writing, but my what a Babe factor! Four hot ladies- one of 'em evil!

But I kept seeing it advertised as the SEASON Finale’, not the Series Finale’.

I watched it - my reaction (like it was to all of the shows I caught) was great idea, terrible execution. They’ve written it as a friggin’ soap opera, for heaven’s sake! I am very disappointed in this show.

I did. In the U.S., it’s a federal offense to catch birds of prey. Now I know why, in their infinite mercy, they passed this law.

Maybe it had hot babe action, but it also had improbabilities like:

   "The clock tower is a fortress!"   -- followed a few minutes later by two crime fighters swinging through the *huge* glass window.     Not too many fortresses I know have huge glass windows.

Well I’m with featherlou. Good idea, but the writing was absolutely wretched.

As for the last episode, I was pleased with it until the last three minutes. The fight scene was poorly choreographed and entirely too long.

Mia Sara rocks, though I admit to being utterly stunned when I found out it was her on this show.

Also, there is the bit about it completely trashing the already insane continuity in the DC universe.

Oh, well.