Birth control pills

What day should I start my birth control pills in order to not have my period on the weekend?

That depends.
My pack said to start them on the Sunday after I had my period.
So my period always comes on a Wednesday.
Its done on Friday.
But i guess its different for everyone,different bodies and all.

Everyone’s different. For me, it would be start the pills on Thursday, start my period on a Sunday night and be done before Friday.

Another to chime in with: Everyone is Different.

Me? I’m a Sunday start, but my period can start anywhere from Sunday… to Saturday, and last anywhere from 2 days to 6. :rolleyes:

And this is better than before the Pill.

<< E Pluribus Modem >>

I’m almost the same as vanilla. I start my packs on Sunday, get my period either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, but it’ll usually go into Saturday (though not always).

IIRC, the package thingy tells you to start on the Sunday after your period (or, if you start on a Sunday, that very day) and go from there. You’ve gotta use another form of BC for the first 7 days.

I started Ortho Tricyclen several years ago, and the instructions gave two methods for starting. You could start the pack of pills on the first day of your period, or on the Sunday after the start of your period. I thought “why wait?”, and started on the day of my period. Less worries.

Now I start taking my pill pack on Friday morning, and my period starts on the Monday morning after I take the last active one. My period always starts on the fourth day of the placebo pill week.

I did the take it as soon as your period starts method too. I start them on Monday, my period goes from thursday to saturday.

I started taking them on a Saturday but every woman is different. I used to finish the last pill on a Friday and my period would go from Wednesday to Thursday, whereas my friend takes the same brand, finishing on a Friday and her period goes from Saturday to the following Friday.

Now, I just ignore the placebo ones and continue taking the active ones to avoid a period completely.

As always check with your doctor, etc.

I could never figure out why women took the fake ones (mine are light green as opposed to bright orange-the active ones)

I can figure out when Sunday is and just start the new ones then.
My son sometimes takes the fakes!

I like my pills.
I take them because they stopped my debilitating cramps.
I will keep taking them even after I get a tubal ligation.
But I am hoping to go thru menopause soon.

Two nurse practitioners at Planned Parenthood in different states told me they can’t tell me that I can do the skipping periods thing, but they didn’t say I couldn’t either. I’d like to skip every other one but I’m afraid I couldn’t afford it after a while; even at a discount, the cost adds up, and I’m not so desperately poor that I can get additional discounts.

I skip the fakes too. I have no problem remembering when to restart. And this time (I’m starting up again in a couple of weeks or so) I’m going to do the first day of my period thing instead of the Sunday start. Starting Sunday I get my period on Thursday afternoon and it lasts through Sunday afternoon. When I was seeing my ex most of our time was spent on weekends, and my having my period then was definitely a PITA.

But I really want to skip periods, so I may start doing it anyway.

I’m 27 and looking forward to menopause. sigh

I start on Sundays, and take my pill in the evenings (around supper time). This means that I start my periods Wednesday around 10:00am, and it runs to about Friday evening, with the occasional overnight spotting. I am DEFINITELY done by Saturday noon. I used to take the pills around 3pm, and my period would start Tuesday night and be done by Friday night, but my schedule is just better now to take it around supper.

I throw out the placebos as well. Since my birth control is free through my Student Health Plan at university, I take Allesse 28, even though a 21-pack exists. They just don’t carry it, and I can toss out the placebos anyways. I used to take them, and found out that the placebos actually GIVE ME migraines. Very weird, I know. Contrary to everything a placebo ought to be!

Go ahead, skip your placebos. They’re even coming out with a pill you only take placebos once every three or four months for, I think they’re calling it Seasonale. Your doctor dosen’t want to tell you on the record that you can just skip your periods (I wouldn’t take the malpractice risk either) but evidently it’s quite safe. It works beautifully, but you do have to be very careful about perfect use, as getting pregnant on the pill is a bad idea and you might not realize you’re pregnant if you don’t miss periods you aren’t having anyway.

Does anyone else take Levlite, btw?

About skipping periods:
Doesn’t that make you have a longer period once it does start, then?
I’ve been on for a year, and its getting lighter, thankfully.
I take Alesse.

If you keep taking pills to skip periods, doesn’t that make the resulting period heavier or longer?
I’d like to know.

Well, that was odd.
My first didn’t take until i made the second one.
oh well, carry on.

No, your uterine lining will only build up to a certain point. Besides, one of the ways bcps work is by inhibiting the build-up process. That’s why people on the pill often have shorter, lighter periods.

Start taking your pills on the Sunday directed and see what day your next period starts. If it starts on, for example, a Wednesday, then on your next cycle, start taking pills on Saturday (one day earlier), so your next period will start on Tuesday (one day earlier). With the next cycle, start taking pills on Friday, which will now have moved your period start date to Monday, and thus, if you have a five day cycle, start and finish between weekends. Obiviously, adapt this to your own schedule, but the idea is simply to back up the start day of your pills one day each month till you have it where you want it. I did this when I started taking BC’s and within a couple months I had it timed to the schedule I preferred. I’ve never had a period on a weekend since.