Birthday Gift List?

I’ve got a birthday coming up and people keep asking me what I want for it. I dunno World Peace would be nice but not likely in the next 7 days.

This question always stumps me on my birthday but when it comes around to others birthdays I ask them the same thing.

Sooo I was thinking perhaps Dopers out there could make gift giving suggestions for those of use who are gift impaired.

Thanks leechbabe

Okay…but you promise you have to actually ask people for the gifts we suggest.

A diamond studded pink feathered leather collar

A cute little “Spoiled Brat” pink shirt with muchos glitter

A glass coffee table

Action cats

Okay, seriously. How about gift certificates? That way if they have no idea what to get you and you have no idea what you want, it still works out.

I second gift certificates. And if you don’t like 'em, you can give 'em away for a holiday or another person’s bday. Happy Birthday! :slight_smile:

Gift Certificates I wish :frowning:

My friends and family are constantly telling me how thoughtless gifts certificates are because they don’t care what they get its the thought that counts. To them a gift certificate shows no thought. Me I’d much rather a gift certificate than a useless gift.

Hmmm I’m thinking MIL = Flowers + Vas but FIL??

Grr Vas = Vase

Do you have all of the Straight Dope books? Do all of your relatives have them? Chocolate is always nice, too.

For MY birthday I’m probably going to get a router(?), which will enable all of our computers to go online at the same time, and which will enable my daughter to send a print job to our printer, without copying the file to a floppy and coming in here and kicking me off MY computer.

How’s that for a run-on sentence?