Birthday Gifts

My boyfriend of three months, Brian, is turning 18 on the 1 of November. Usually, I’m pretty good with giving gifts, but I don’t have many ideas for him.

He’s a pretty typical boy – a bit immature, sports-obsessed, and has no suggestions of his own for me. So, I turn to you.

Anyone have any ideas on stuff he might like, that’s under $20 and easy enough to get a hold of within a week?

Corny and silly as all get out but when I was poor and working my way through highschool I always gave out coupons.

Not the store kind! My friends and family could turn in a coupon to me like:

One car washing
One back rub
One “you just need to bitch for 30 minutes” and I just listen
One I read you a story
One limerick composed just for you
One …

It depends on the person. They can go anywhere from the mundane to blatantly sexual. I guess it just depends! But hey, that’s just IMHO. Your other option is to make something or do a basket of little things like candy and stuff. Let me know what you decide to do!


I’m bringing this thread back to the top for ya…
Byzantine basically covered the nice, emotional gifts. You might be able to use them as a sort of acid test for a relationship - does he say “Aw, thanks, sweetie! This is wonderful!” or, “Aw, man. I thought you were gonna get me something REAL.”

Not to judge your relationship in any way, just an observation…

Heh, well, ever since I jokingly suggested breaking up with him so I could avoid the whole gift thing, he’s seemed very, very worried. I think if I gave him one of my old socks, he’d be grateful and express his undying love for me.

Be that as it may, I still want to find something he’ll really like. Right now I’ll probably make a coupon book and bake him some cookies. Any other ideas?

A subscription to TSN (the sporting news)? 30 weeks for for $26 (a little more than what you asked for), but includes a free T-shirt… has details.

Sue from El Paso