Birthdays; a rip off.

When you are a kid, birthdays rea fun. Presents! Parties! Friends!
In short, profitable.

In your (gulp :() mid thirties? Your friends start “suggesting” that we should all totally go for lunch. And yes of course its at the super expensive new French place. And lets get other free loader…:D, ok I’ll admit I have done this myself, but come on.

My credit card bill is going to suck.:o:eek::smiley:

You’re friends are taking you out for your birthday, and YOU’RE paying? I suggest you find better friends.

Are you kidding?

Like really?


Tis the way it is here.

Eh? I haven’t told anyone when my birthday is since, oh, age 19. I don’t give a shit, why should I expect anyone else to?

hen can we add holidays to the list also?

You don’t have FB apparently which blares it out to the entire fucking world.

As I type this I have also gotten message from the Bank.

I’m on Facie. People wish me a happy birthday. They don’t arrange dinner dates for me when I’m paying FFS.

Are you a hobbit? Do you have to get them all presents as well?

Culture here is decidedly that the birthday person doesn’t pay, in fact, the other guests normally split their bill.

My former housemate once walked out and left me to pay his bill when he was a guest at my birthday dinner. I actually owed him the money for the electric bill and, being a massive troll, he thought that would be a funny way to get me to pay it. The other guests, none of whom really knew him, got remarkably angry about me having to pay for him, even after I’d explained that it was money I owed him and if I didn’t pay it then I’d just be walking home then giving him the same cash.

You can turn off the notification of your birthday on Facebook.

‘That’s the way it’s done here.’

It would be helpful to know where ‘here’ is.

Are you in an Asian country perhaps? Where such is the custom, and where you may have already enjoyed being an attendee once or twice, but now it’s your turn to be the celebrant (and payer, as a result.)?

I can’t turn it off on my wife’s Facebook.

It could be worse: The department birthday money for my birthday in January 2017 was blown on a Trump party, I had a new manager and he didn’t realize that he now had a January birthday in his group.

Your place of employment had a Trump party? Egads. I’d be looking for a new place to work.

I didn’t know you worked at the Russian embassy.

I am! It was an ‘unofficial’ Trump party taking place on Friday, January 20, 2017.

Turn off? I don’t even give Facebook a true date. None of their business. If any of my friends think that my birthday is really January 1, 1900, then they can spring for my birthday lunch. I also don’t give it valid family status. Again, none of their business.

Do you mean your wife is wishing you HB? Or do you mean FB automatically wishes you a HB because of the way your wife has her FB set up?

The latter sounds dubious to me, but I’m no FB expert.

Mrs. 74westy does it manually.

Then I must assume that, when their birthdays come around, you’re supposed to do the same thing and they’ll pay for you?