Bit torrent trouble

Ok i’ve downloaded Bit torrent but every time i click on a torrent file i get" Acces to the specific device, path or file is denied" um anyone know what i have to be able to use bit torrent

      • You need to have a forum where discussing P2P use is allowed and that you can ask on for help, because this isn’t one of them.

Bittorrent is not filesharing software, it’s a content-distribution system. Users cannot share or search for files using bittorrent.

Lear’s_fool: Methinks the bittorrent executable was moved from where it was installed to, or the system can’t find it for some other reason. Try uninstalling it, then reinstalling to a better location.

Simply saving the torrent file to your hd and then running it from there always fixes this problem.

Make sure you have the latest version too. I believe their up to ver 3.3 now.