Bitlife; an amusing casual mobile game

I had been planning to get another iPad; I missed messing around with Garageband and BitLIfe & AI Dungeon plus the sale gave me reasons to finally get another. The Android version, among other things, isn’t yet capable of having legacy families.

One life on the Android emulator really had bad luck: eyeball cancer plus her sister got caught in a terrorist blast and died. They were in Liverpool.

I gather that caught up a couple of days ago and this is no longer true.

the “MacTech” legacy family is now on the 22’nd generation, 1084 years nd nearly $84 million in accumulated wealth, we live in New Zealand simply to evade the Estate tax

Stupid bloody estate tax!, so far I’ve found Canada and NZ to have no estate tax

OK, I am apparently stupid, how the heck can I make the pregnant mom push me out? None of the arrow keys work, left click doesnt seem to do anything, right click brings up a nonsense menu [stuff like image and administrativa] and there seems to be no tutorial that says to make mom push, hit q or tab or control or whatever. a quick tutorial would make a world of difference, as it is I am tempted to delete the bookmark and never go back, if it were a device, it would hit the wall followed by being introduced to a sledgehammer. I have very little patience for games with nonintuitive or unlabeled controls.

Being able to unlock full games for free is now called “modding”? It’s only a couple of bucks!

One of these days, I’ll stick with one lineage – likely by using God Mode to switch to a child early.

One of my recent lives somehow ended as a 114-year-old former porn star. I hadn’t planned on her to have a child but – at 30-something – she adopted a toddler that a stork literally dropped in her lap.

BitLife now has a Windows/XBox port.

I’m not sure how I feel about the new Business career. At least it’s an interesting way to spend your bit’s money rather than leaving it all to the domestic partner & kids.