Bittorrent Client Causing Connection To Drop, Or Is It VoIP, Or . . .?

I recently changed a number of things on my home computer (which obviously makes it hard to isolate the problem).

Recently, I added the following to my cable broadband-enabled system:

  1. A Netgear 614v2 router, to support computer and,
  2. A packet 8 VoIP phone adapter; and, unrelatedly,
  3. Azureus Bittorrent client.

And the problem is . . . the Internet connection keeps dropping, about every two hours. I can usually get it back in one try by rebooting (Motorola Surfboard cable modem plus router plus VoIP device).

This has so far only happened when Azureus has been operating, but admittedly, I installed all this stuff around the same time so I don’t know if that’s the problem. I checked the Netgear and Azureus FAQs, and didn’t find any smoking gun (although Netgear blames Win SP2, which I installed a while back, for all kinds of connectivity problems).

Anyone else have this experience?