Rotten, Lousy, RoadFuckingRunner internet connection

My first pit rant.

For the last month, I have been plagued by my rather expensive “always on” RoadFuckingRunner interntet connection dropping off line at random times and for random periods of time. Calls to the RoadFuckingRunner service desk result in the admission that a problem exists on my line and double talk as to why that should be so. Visits (three in the last two weeks) from RoadFuckingRunner technicians result in a screw being turned here and there, a cable end being replaced, and, so far, two new splitters. All to no avail, obviously, or I wouldn’t be writing this. Each time that I call, I am told that my bill will be adjusted for the lack of use, and that is only fair, but damnitall I don’t want the RoadFuckingRunner bill adjusted, I want the RoadFuckingRunner problem resolved and I don’t care if a RoadFuckingRunner service technician has to camp out in the back fucking yard until such times as it resolved.

Another month or so and I will switch to Verizon DSL and I absolutely HATE Verizon for a variety of reason.

I had a problem very similar when I first got mine installed. It would lose the connection for a couple hours at a time. Usually, unplugging the modem for about ten minutes, then plugging it back in and letting it “reset” solved the problem. The longer I’ve had it installed, the less it’s gone out. Actually, although it happened every couple of days when I first got it, I can’t recall the last time it happened.

Maybe your problem will work itself out soon too. Have you tried the unplugging thing?

I had problems with RR when I first got it. It seemed that the outside line up to the demarcation point, while OK with just regular cable TV signals, was to degraded for the RR. After the third time I went down the tech that came out replaced that cable and I hadn’t had a problem since.