Bizarre Food Products

The wonders of modern life have given us all manner of prepackaged food. Some are great (doritos, cans of soup, etc) and some… not so much. This thread is dedicated to the later.

At a tailgate party without a grill? Just grab a cheeseburger in a can and you’re good to go. You can wash it down with a budweiser and clamato because everything’s better with clamato!

Post the strange prepackaged edibles you’ve come across.

Hey, micheladas are great, although Budweiser’s version isn’t so hot.

My favorite is pork brains in milk gravy.

My mother in law has what looks like a very old can of grass jelly out on her porch. It’s been there forever. I don’t know what she ever planned to use it for.

Multiple examples at Steve, Don’t Eat It!

Amazing what they put in cans…

Maybe it’s just me but all photos of basil seed drink look like a microscopic view of a histology specimen. Texturally, it’s a weird as you think.

Most foods I’ve seen on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern would fall in this category.

I, personally, like Ramune. It’s an odd soda, but it’s delicious and fun.