Bizarre Hunting Accidents

This week’s bizarre hunting accident comes courtesy of Lincoln, Nebraska, where a hunter was accidentally shot and injured BY HIS DOG.

The story appears right HERE.

My favorite part of the story is this:

:confused: You mean they aren’t charging the dog with assault? You mean they don’t think the dog planned the whole thing? Sounds like some kind of preferential treatment to me… bet if it’d been a cat they would have pressed charges.

No, you don’t charge the dog for the negligence of his nitwit owner for putting away a loaded shotgun.

Well, these things will happen when you’re careless with loaded dogs.

Considering all the things my dog has stepped on or in, or got his leash wrapped around, why in the world would they put a dog in there with a loaded gun?

I noticed the website has a video labeled “Dog triggers gun, shoots hunter.” Almost makes it sound like they’ve got film of him being shot.

This Darwin Awards article neither involved hunting nor was an accident (really), but the OP made me think of it:

Beer ‘n’ Deer

I saw a story today in which a man decided to kill his dog by beating it to death the butt of a shotgun. The gun went off and killed the man.

Mmmmmm, maybe there IS a god.

There were some outdoorsmen who captured a rabbit and strapped dynamite to it. Then they lit it. It ran straight to the nearest cover; their truck. BOOM.

WINCHESTER, Va. (AP) - A man trying to beat his dog to death with a gun was fatally wounded when it apparently went off accidentally, police said.

Raymond Poore Jr., 43, called his wife at work Thursday and told her that their dog had bitten him and he intended to kill the animal, police Capt. David Sobonya said.

The wife came home about 6 p.m. and found her husband unconscious, with a number of dog bites and scratches. Emergency medical personnel discovered that Poore had been shot. He was pronounced dead at Winchester Medical Center.

Sobonya said Poore must have beaten the 30-pound shar-pei with the gun that went off. He said the stock of the weapon, a combination rifle and shotgun, was broken and there appeared to be blood and dog hair on it.

The dog was in the custody of an animal control officer. Sobonya had no detail on how badly it was injured.

Anubis moves in mysterious ways…

Dog or no dog, any moron who throws a loaded shotgun into the bed of a pickup truck deserves to get shot with his own gun.

Quote from the linked story, emphasis added:

The problem obviously isn’t loaded guns, but loaded dogs!