Dog Shoots Man

Looks like a certain idiom needs to be updated.

That dog will hunt.

That’s really bizarre. How would his right hand get in front of the barrel as he’s carrying a shotgun? Even if he’s left handed, his right hand shouldn’t be in front of the barrel in any method of carrying a long gun I’ve ever used in the field.

Maybe (and I’m not, by any means saying this was correct or smart) he had the butt on the ground and had his hand resting on the muzzle (or somewhere in the vicinity of it). That, ISTM, would be just about perfect for a jumping dog to land on the trigger.

ETA. For a visual, imagine if the gun was a walking cane. Holding it like that. Maybe even away from his body a bit to explain why it didn’t catch him in the head/neck/ribs as well.

Yikes. No safety and hand on the muzzle? Guy is a Darwin Award waiting to happen.

Also, it could have just been an odd freak accident. Maybe he wasn’t holding it all. Maybe he was sitting on the ground with the gun next to him and as the dog ran across it, it shifted it in such away that it turned it towards him and pulled the trigger.

Any way you slice it, there’s no non-dumbass way for this to happen. You don’t click the safety off until you’re about to fire.

I hate to see a dog lose his right hand man.

My dog is only allowed to shoot at the range. In the woods he just gets too excited when he sees a rabbit and starts shooting at anything.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time this has happened.

It’s clear who the dogs are secretly rooting for.

In other news, dog eats, shoots, and leaves.

Now who will pet the dog? Poor thing.

One of the liberal lefties I suppose (poor dog indeed).

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.