Bizarre occurences that seem to have no rational explanation

There is a bizarre occurence that happens in my home from time to time that I have been unable to come up with an explanation for. Several times over the last couple of years, I’ve been hit by large drops of water that seem to be coming from the ceiling. There are no leaks in our ceiling anywhere in the house and it has happened in different rooms. It’s usually just one or two drops at a time and usually hit me on the shoulder, arm or hand.
It has happened to my husband as well.
We’ve checked very throughly for leaks more than once, and also ruled out any other obvious sources.
The most recent time this happened was a couple of days ago. I was walking through my living room and plop a big drop of water hit me on the back of the hand. It was not raining, there was no water running anywhere in the house and the ceiling above me was completely dry. :confused:
We’ve long ago chalked it up to just “one of those things” that we’ll never be able to figure out and just sort of ignore it now.

What bizarre occurences have you encountered that you could find no explanation for?

Some time after I shower in the morning, but not immediately after, there’s water on my bathroom floor. I have NO IDEA where this is coming from. Well, it’s from the shower somehow, obviously, but I haven’t been able to ascertain exactly how.

It’s just gremlins peeing on you. Ignore it and after a few years they’ll lose interest and stop.

Most of my life, in fact. The biggest one, that gives me no end of trouble is the fact that I can never seem to start a romantic relationship unless I hear a “click.” Introduce me to a gorgeous woman who’s single and has a lot of things in common with me, and I can try my damnedest to make things work, but without that “click” we never get past the “casual strangers” stage. I hear that “click” and we can be making the beast with double backs in seconds if I so choose. I find it very frustrating to say the least.

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Pauly Shore

this needs a little explanation:
In Hungay where I lived two years, the toilets had this shelf down in them where any bodily wastes would sit until you flushed. The shelf is not in the water.
My son was three at the time and would sit and have his evening constitution while singing “Old Susanna” Then he would admire his work before flushing.
Here is the bizzare part:
On night he excitedly called me to the WC to show me he had made:
I don’t know how this child managed to create a fuselage with perpendicular wings sweeping back. He did it. It was bizzare.

THAT’S hilarious! My son was about four, and he accidentally hit a series of random buttons that tripped the parental control thingy on the remote, and LOCKED OUT ALL THE CABLE STATIONS. At my Dad’s. Big ass bummer. So I very calmly asked him if he could remember what numbers he pushed. He said yes, and pushed a bunch of numbers (like 8 or so, I think) and turned off the parental control. To this day, I have no idea how he could have done it.

There is a rug beside my bed, an Egyptian one with a Tutankhamun motif on it. It moves.
Sometimes, it moves half a metre in a single night. No-one has ever seen it moving, but no-one can explain why we have to pull it back into place twice a week or so.

I’m an only child, I live with my parents and we have no pets. This has been going on four years or so. It’s now just one of those things I shrug my shoulders over.


The exact same thing happens in our apartment.

Oops, missed the rest of the post.

We also get strange blue “fuzz” all over the sink and countertops. I have no idea what it’s from and it has only happened in this bathroom. We figured both were from this bathroom being old and well-used.

I used to assume that a lot of the strange things that went on in my childhood house were the results of “ghosts” but as I got older, I was able to place a lot of those things with natural phenomina. Didn’t make nearly as interesting a story though ^^;

Like ava I get the blue fuzz in my bathroom, but it’s because I have a blue towel (or is it?).

I wish there was no explanation for why my coffee table disappears, but I think it has to do with me piling junk on it.

Re the op, maybe it’s condensation due to your roof not having very good insulation. Does this only happen when it’s cold?

Every few months or so, one of my sporting trophies will turn around 180 degrees and face the other way. It sits in a cabinet with a door, and like loneraven’s rug no-one has seen it move or knows what causes it.

I just keep turning it back the right way and tell myself repeatedly that there is no poltergiest activity inside my trophy cabinet :slight_smile:

I’m reading these posts, and being entertained, and thinking how boring my life is. Nothing weird like this ever happens around here. Then I remembered…

Things used to disappear from my posession. It hasn’t happened in a few years now, I think. Which in itself is odd, as there’s a two year old in the house now, and I’d think things would be more likely to vanish with her around. But the stuff she swipes always turns up in a toybox, or under her bed, or wherever.

I once lost a keyring, full of keys, in my bedroom. Just whoosh, gone, off the nightstand one night. Woke up, and no keys. No idea where they went. When we moved out of that house, oh, a year or so later, I remembered this, and was mildly perturbed to discover that after we had packed up everything we owned, including the furniture, and cleaned the place up, they still weren’t to be found.

RPG playing dice. A mechanical pencil I was fond of for quite a while. (In fact, that one vanished the day after I’d bought a bunch of reloads for it.) The keyring. A red scarf that I wore constantly, all winter long, up and deserted me one summer, from the bin it was stored in.

I’ve never found any of these things. And they all got “lost” in the same house, which we stripped down to the wallpaper and carpet when we moved out. (Well, we left the stove and refrigerator, but we cleaned underneath and behind them, too.)

Shit. I want that pencil back, now. And the scarf, too, actually. It’s been freezin’ the past few nights.

For many years I would hear strange breathing at night when I was by myself. Not quite Vader breathing but getting there. If I tried to focus on it, it would disappear. I became convinced it was from my grandmother sleeping in the other room but when I went into the hallway I heard nothing. When I came back something. I tip-toe into her room, nothing. I come back something. So it wasn’t her but there seemed to be no other explanation. It was really freaking me out.

After several years I finally discovered what it was. It was my cat snoring. Turning around in my chair to look for the sound would cause her to half wake-up and stop. I felt much better.

What bizarre stories. : D

No that bizarre, but my other computer switches itself on and off at will, but won’t BE switched on by human hands. (You can switch it off though). You can press ‘on’ however many times when it’s off, and it won’t switch on or make the remotest effort. But when you leave it alone for a couple of hours, go back and see it later, it’s switched itself on. Come back a half hour after that and it’s off again.

BUT - and here’s the interesting part - it doesn’t switch itself on whilst you’re there or off whilst you’re using it. (Or hasn’t thusfar and I’ve sat reading a book for many hours in that room). I’ve never seen it magically switch itself on or off, but it apparently does when on its own.

I’d fix it but it’s rather fun. : D I’m going to catch it out one day.


I posted this one in a similar thread some time ago, but I can’t find it now; it may have been lost in the winter of missed content.

I was going upstairs to bed in complete darkness and a bright red spot of light (like the projected beam of a laser pointer) appeared on my hand; the curtains of the upstairs window were tightly closed (and in any case, ‘upstairs’ in our house is the top floor of a town house - there would be no line of sight from the ground to the position of the spot.

In my case, there was an explanation as the same thing happened a few days later - it turned out that the brake lights of a car in the street were being focused through the decorative glass of the bathroom window, then again through a decorative glass panel above the (closed) bathroom door. Weird.

All my underwear disappeared once. All that time I thought there was some weirdo living in our basement, touching all my unmentionables and groaning. Turns out my roommate’s 5-year-old took them and stashed 'em behind his dresser. His mom found them when she was cleaning his room. His explanation? “They’re pretty.” Go figure.

Many years ago, my son had one of those toy vacuums that made noise when you pushed it.
Twice it made that noise without moving around 9 p.m.
My son was right next to me, no one or nothing caused it.

Do you sleepwalk?