BJ for Crunchy Frog.

Carina plucks a linen napkin from the table.

Carefully folds it into a little pouch.

Blows a little puff of breath into its billowy folds.

Seals it with a kiss.

Hands it to Crunchy.

Blow Job to go! :smiley:

(As promised.)

Is that why the napkin goes in the lap? I always thought it was just etiquette.

The napkin is for the man. Y’know, so while she’s taking care of business, you can eat nachos and stuff without making a mess.

Precisely. I hate nacho cheese in my hair.


So why did you send this in a napkin?

Oh! Oh my God! Oh Yes! mmmmmmmmmm…

I see. That’s why you sent it in a napkin.
So do I get more of these every time I say something nice about you?