bjorn is really who?!?

Okay, according to the celbrity section of my newspaper today, Mel Gibson admits to having an alter-ego named…Bjorn!! He says it’s his dark side!

Yep, it’s true!

Apparently, this admission was made in an interview published tuesday in Radio Times magazine!

He says, “He’s got Viking horns and I imagine myself trying to bury him and he’s, like, in the grave and I’ve packed dirt real tight on him and am shoveling it down, when suddenly this hand starts appearing.”

Now we know why bjorn only comes around every once in a while!



evilbeth, you know I adore you but…

if you’re trying to convince me that the SDMB’s bj0rn is Mel Gibson…

:::looks at watch:::

…it’s time for your medication, dearie. :smiley:

As unlikely as it is, it’d be pretty cool.

Hey, I make no claims here, I just present the facts as I read them!

Mel? You wanna come in here and eplain yourself.

We’re waiting.

Mel Gibson speaks english and makes sense while doing so.

doesnt he speak australian? :wink:

bj0rn - …

Maybe he’s just bjorn again.

I have to say, if bj0rn looked like Mel Gibson, I might make a better attempt to decipher his posts. Does that make me shallow?

Okay, bjOrn, you’ve been outed. But make sure not to reveal who I really am.

(Was that my out-loud voice?) :eek:

I wanna be an airbj0rn ranger!
I wanna live a life of danger!
Australian you say…maybe he lived in Melbj0rn?