"Black Art: In the Absence of Light"

The HBO presentation, “Black Art: In the Absence of Light” , has my highest recommendation! You don’t have to be talented or even interested in art in order to enjoy it because it is rich in information and a historical eye opener.

So, what’s it about?

In case it isn’t obvious, the title is referring to art by Black artists, with the subtitle being a metaphor. I admit that my initial reaction to the title was to parse it literally, and think it was about art that didn’t involve light.

One issue is that it has this weird popup of different video that you have to close. I had to zoom out to find the close button. But once you do that, you get not just a small description, but apparently the documentary itself, saying you can “Watch free”—at least, for now.

Unfortunately, it’s the type that turns off the video if you leave the page, making it a bit annoying for me to watch. I prefer using my browser’s picture in picture feature.