Black Sabbath in Latin

Chequez vous:

I am not familiar with any Black Sabbath songs, so this holds no irony for me. But it doesn’t sound bad at all.

No “Iron Man”? What’s up with that?

Yeah, what about…

“Vir Ferri” (Iron Man)

“Parvuli Sepulchri” (Children of the Grave)

“Caelum et Tartarus” (Heaven and Hell)

“Folium Dulce” (Sweet Leaf)

Unless a person is fluent in latin, how would anyone even know those are Sabbath tunes translated to Latin and performed on medieval instruments?
Call me a skeptic, but how do I know the seller didn’t just take a chant album from a bargain bin and relabel the songs into latin translations of Black Sabbath track titles?
I listened to every sample track and couldn’t make out even so much as one similar rhythm pattern. Nada. It’s an intersting concept, had even one track been recognizable, I woulda bought it.