Black Sabbath

I have no idea when it actually happened, but I just found the entire Black Sabbath catalogue on Rhapsody. For years the earliest you could listen to was Born Again and later. I think Born Again was the last great Sabbath album, but that may be because I love Gillan and, well, it’s a fucking awesome album. I was pretty let down by Seventh Star and it was the last Sabbath I bought.

But now, (or sometime within the past year or so) it’s all there. :cool:

The Devilling knows a lot more Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd than the average four year old; I think it’s time to teach him to throw his little fist in the air.

Yep - looks like they are all on Spotify now as well. Time to dig out my Sold Our Soul tab book.

I love Born Again, as well, but for Sabbath later than that, I thought The Eternal Idol was good.
(I should listen to it again…I was just graduating High School then. It might sound incredibly dated and 80’s today!!)

We saw them in concert a couple months ago; I was impressed with the stuff off their most recent album, 13.