Unlimited Black Sabbath appreciation thread

I love this band. Totally and completely. I just bought the 2 cd set Symptom of the Universe 1970-1978 and am listening to it today. Black Sabbath is a band I could listen to every single day and never get tired of them.

Can you imagine hearing those guys back in the day? Holy shit! Nothing like that had really been done before, unless you count Led Zeppelin (which I do, but Sabbath is much different). Without them we would have never had the great heavy metal bands.

One of my friends parents saw them back in the day. They said they thought the world was going to end. :smiley:

Heavyness has always been in the melody and mood the music creates, and in that, Sabbath has few equals.

It’s all about A to E

Eh, they’re okay. Too bad Ozzy died.

Oh, man. I remember the first time I heard Sweet Leaf. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

I think I must have only heard Paranoid at that point. The classic rock stations weren’t playing too much Sabbath in the '80s. I think Ozzy is by far the best metal vocalist out there. By far.

I saw them in '81 or '82 during their Mob Rules Tour… unfortunately this was during their Ronnie James Dio phase… bleah. Despite their Ozzylessness it was still a pretty damn good show, and was also the loudest show I had ever seen up to that point.
About 3 months after that I saw Ozzy’s Crazy Train tour (with Motorhead) which to this day is the loudest thing I have ever heard (what?.. what?.. hearing damage? never heard of her). It was just before Randy Rhodes died and still ranks as one of the best live shows I have ever seen.

I saw them in 1978, all four original members (Ozzy, Tony Iommi, Bill Ward, Geezer Butler). This was not long before they split with Ozzy.

It was great – my friends and I were all total fans, and they played everything we wanted to hear. I saw them a couple of years later, with Ronnie James Dio singing, and a different drummer. Not nearly as good.

Although I’m not into metal anymore (I play acoustic country blues), some of their ‘original cast’ material holds up. They were influential, and way ahead of their time.

One night, a drunk yelled for me to play “somethin’ by Sabbath”. I launched into an unplugged version of 'Paranoid", a song I hadn’t heard or thought about for close to twenty years. It brought things down, not, I think, because I played it well, but because I played it at all.

FWIW, Spinal Tap bassist Derek Smalls always reminded me of Geezer.

Ha, that’s funny. Here’s from the little booklet with the cds.

“I went to see Spinal Tap and I didn’t think it was funny,” Ozzy once told me, with his familiar wide-eyed look of astonishment. “I thought it was a fucking documentary, I did. When they got lost on their way to the stage–that happened to me a thousand times! Some dickhead didn’t change the signs around, and you’d end up in the car park with your guitar and your fucking platforms in the rain.”

If you like Sabbath, give these a listen:


Great band from Indy, very doomy and awesome. Our good friend is the singer and he’s been very very sick for about 3 weeks. I’m listening to Sabbath and sending him some doomy vibes.


Sabbath Rule!

I even like ‘Born Again’. I wish that lineup would have lasted a little longer.

A woman after my own heart Indy. Do yourself a major favor and get Iommi’s solo record of a couple of years ago.

My own most recent band was hugely Sabbath influenced. Although we were 90% originals, we couldn’t resist covering “Electric Funeral.”

I dug everything up through “Born Again” and including “Dehumanizer” and the “Reunion” album…heavily.

There are a few video/audio treats available in newsgroups and ftp sites. A set of mp3s called cannibis confusion from around 73 or 74, and a french TV special from around 71 or 72. I highly recommend the french video, the band at its peak and some cool ‘behind the scenes’ stuff too. Some neat close-ups of Tonys ‘fingers’ as well.

Ozzy years are my favorite, I did like Mob Rules thanks to the ‘Heavy Metal’ movie (awesome scene with horses charging down a hill as Mob Rules starts). I agree that the Born Again lineup was way too short. I have a video from ‘the Rock Palace’ of Tony, Geezer, Ian and Bev Bevan (ELO) miming ‘Zero the Hero’ in promotion of that release.

I love Sabbath! There was a time when We Sold Our Soul for Rock ‘n’ Roll lived in my tapedeck permanently. My favorites: Sweet Leaf, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Iron Man, Paranoid, War Pigs, After Forever, Snowblind, well, I could go on.

It’s pretty odd to think of Ozzy as everyone’s favorite TV dad. I saw him in the 80s when he was still biting the heads off innocent rodents. The worm sure turns.