Blackadder Q--Books?

Is the Blackadder television series based on one or more novels?

Are there novels based on the TV series?

Are there novels with new plots based on the series?

Did Bladrick ever get his little willie sewn back on?


He never got it lopped off in the first place…(??) Though he did pen a story about a lovely little sausage named Baldrick.

There is a photographer named Elizabeth Blackadder, for what it’s worth.

Of course, the first episode of the first season credited William Shakespeare as a writer, but I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for.

Wicked child for asking such questions!

I believe his thingy was mistakenly replaced by a turnip. No one could tell the diference. :dubious:

No, no, no,

On the other hand there’s a guide to Blackadder that has all the scripts and some entertaining supplimental stuff.

Novels, no - but there is a Blackadder book. It’s a history of the Blackadder family with excerpts from the series. I don’t know if it had a US publication; I saw it in Canada.

Also, there is Blackadder fanfic on the internet. I read a pretty good cross-over of Blackadder and the X-Files.