Blackjack simulator?

Not being in the Game Room, I’m not asking about or questioning the ins and outs of basic strategy. All I’m looking for is a simulator that will allow me to put in different conditions (e.g. number of decks) and rules (e.g. player stays when dealer shows a 6) and run a large number of trials/hands with those parameters.

My interest in this is more computer-sciencey than gambling, so again, I’m not looking (or capable of) getting into a discussion of whether it’s better or worse to hit on a X or double down on a Y. I’d just like to see how deviating from basic strategy (or a version of it) changes the long-term outcomes, and what such a simulation would look like/run on a machine.

Unfortunately, most of what I’ve found so far seem to be portals for gambling sites or sites that want to sell me a book. But I can’t imagine that programming one would be significantly more than a bunch of if>then statements with a set of initial conditions and whatnot, so figure they must be out there somewhere.



Oh, bonus if there’s a similar craps simulator out there too.

The best one I’ve seen is CVCX from Casino Verite. Their website is horrible but the product has a good reputation.

Here is one simulator and here is another. Do these meet your requirements?

Despite not being about strategy, I think that this is better suited to the Game Room than GQ.

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Casino Vérité is good but pretty pricey. You might want to have a look at Blackjack PowerSim.

None of them will be a true simulation until one of the computer-controlled players plays nothing but basic strategy and freaks the fuck out when you add in true-count adjustments. The game needs to have this guy scream about “ruining it for the table” when you hit on a 12 vs. the dealer’s face-up 2, even though you pulled an 8.

But hitting 12 vs. 2 is basic strategy! (Against single-deck it’s even basic to hit (10,2) vs 4.)

If you’re are serious, try this. I used the previous version as an advantage player in the late 1990s. It allows you to manipulate any variable that I know of that can affect the player/house edge, standard deviation, or risk of ruin when playing blackjack. It even allows card counters to factor in certain “cover” strategies, if that’s important to you.