Blackout: I burning your scrotum!

Fuck. Because of the blackout, the Toronto Radiohead concert has been postponed. Right now, I could have been riding back home with my friends, gushing about the best concert I’d ever seen.

I have nothing to say, except that I suddenly have this great T-shirt idea…


Burning Scrotums!


(band name?)

Radiohead on the 20th in m.d. Wooooo!
I mean i’m sorry, that sucks.

Hijack – what’s with the “I burning your…”? Is this the latest in Japanese “Engrish” video game dialogue, or what?

I don’t know. It’s popping up on the SDMB recently. I think the original thread was “Rock In The Box: I burning your dog!”

nothing like a daily dose of engrish

Well, Detroit cancelled their Kiss/Aerosmith concert. My husband was actually relieved. He had tickets (his brother had begged him) but had no enthusiasm for the event.

Brittany Spears, I burning your scrotum!

Thanks, lieu – that’s about three images that I really didn’t want in my head! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Daniel, would that be Brittney Spears, Brittney Spears with a scrotum, or Brittney Spears with her scrotum being burned by lieu?

Master Burning Scrotum, all your base are belong to us.