Blacks get lassoed by white men on horseback and paraded through Texas town...

I would venture to suggest the thought process was a little more colorful than that. I’ve given up bashing The South, it’s like rasslin a pig. Best to just pretend it’s not there, or at least not part of my country.

It’s time to shame his sponsors, if they can be shamed.

Any normal human being who is unaware of the history of racism in this country would see it as just a solution to the problem at hand. But no one in law enforcement should be that ignorant.

This sounds inherently abnormal to me.

Anyone left other than the My Pillow guy?

Why? I don’t see an awareness of this country’s history of racial injustice as being an inherent trait of a “normal human being” (whatever that means).

Thanks to Hollywood’s global reach, you *really *have to be living under some type of prehistoric rock to not be aware of any and all US racist tropes. Hell I know more about Compton than I do about the neuf-trois.

(that’s department number 93 to y’alls, Seine Saint D’nis represent yo ; which is home to the majority of the really shitty projects in the greater Paris area)

And even absent any kind of historical background what the fucking soever ; you’d have to be mentally challenged not to grok that “a white guy on a horse leading a black man on a motherfucking leash” is sort of… I mean not to be all leftie or too woke about it… I mean you know… WHO THE FUCK WOULD DO THIS IN 2019 ANYWHERE ON THE FUCKING GLOBE AND NOT EXPECT TO GET SHAT ON FROM A GREAT HEIGHT ?! is sort of what I’m sayin’.

Racists. Never attribute to stupidity what can adequately be explained by malice.

I mean yeah :/, but at the same time yeah :frowning:

It’s entirely possible his being black didn’t enter into the equation. They just saw the problem (transport not available now), saw a solution (procedure for handling in some crowd control circumstances), and decided it was acceptable. Not smart, but not necessarily racist.

Possible? Yeah, [del]right[/del] maybe, but just barely. Probable. Not on your Nelly.

Well they didn’t drag him till his head detached from his body, that’s progress in Texas, right?

It’s great when people ask “well, what were they supposed to do?”

I could think of 100 things they could have done, and not one of them is “Tie a rope to him and lead him from horseback”

Friggin’ morons.

Hey, it’s 21st century America- police cars can be a very scarce resouce. (If one of those cops had radio’d in that he’d been shot I wonder how quickly a police car or dozen would have shown up.)

I wouldn’t be suprised the least bit if those morons had actually stated that to their victim while they were parading him on the way to [del]the lynching[/del] staging* area.
*Who else here got a vision of those old western stage coaches when you read that in the reports of this incident?

I wonder what would have happened if they were motorcycle cops instead of horseback cops…

** Blacks get lassoed by white men on horseback and paraded through Texas town**

The OP’s point could’ve been amply made without resorting to inaccurate hyperbole (“blacks” (it was one prisoner), “lassoed” (nope), “Texas town” (actually it was the city of Galveston (surprising, as something like this might have been expected in a small West Texas town, not a relatively cosmopolitan beach destination).

I’d vote for dumbassery on the part of the two officers, less likely racism, though that factor can’t be entirely excluded.

Anyway, thanks for giving me this earworm.

Yaknow, I think even cowboy code (which I would expect to flavor Texan culture) would mandate the prisoner be secured to the horse, and the cop would lead the horse & prisoner while on foot. You only lead livestock if you remain mounted. Plus, it is a sign of weakness to get the better of a man whom you have already put at a disadvantage. These guys need beating up, maybe a giant yellow stripe painted down their backs.

My understanding is it was one guy, not a bunch of guys and while I grant you it was a stupid thing to do it did not appear to be a widespread practice.

The s in the thread title was merely a typo. My use of lasso is not hyperbole. “Texas Town” is alliterative and the use of town for city is not a novel or even scarce practice. And, yes, the cops who did this are racists if they see no problem with what they did.