Blacks get lassoed by white men on horseback and paraded through Texas town...

Nah, that isn’t racist at all or even a little bit scary given the history of lynchings of Black in the South. Not only should those “officers” be fired, the police chief should be run out of town on a rail for his lame excuse of their stupid stunt.

Looked hard at it. Makes you angry but then, I used to wonder as a kid how the likes of Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson would bring in a desperado with just one horse (theirs.)

Fuck off right back to stormfront.

Do they accept someone 75% austronesian and 25% Japanese?

They didn’t have radios back then. Unlike now.

Which, of course, you are not, regardless of what you’re pretending here.

How can any normal human being think this was a good idea?

It’s Texas.

Apparently “New Normal” human beings* think it’s just tickety-boo.


Not even a crick of a feeling that I’m telling the truth? Funny little Nazi hunters. So sure about everything.


One option: not feeding the obvious troll.

Galveston is not standing by the ‘roping black man’ practice, it would seem:

Is it really that hard for the cops to say “sorry, no cars are available right this instant. Just sit tight on the curb there until we can get transpo”?

I just don’t get this at all. Actual human beings thought “Let’s lead him with a rope on our horses”?

More importantly, let’s march someone charged with trespassing 8* blocks, handcuffed with a rope lead.

*One article states 8 blocks, the other 2 blocks. Neither makes it smart.

The marshal’s banned? Who knew that would happen? I mean besides everyone?

C’mon, it’s not like they tied the rope around his neck.

See, even Texas is making progress!

CMC fnord!

Police representative on the stand : “As god is my witness, I thought that’s how it was done in Texas !”

There were two mounted cops.

This isn’t rocket science: cop #1 dismounts and hands his reins to cop #2. Cop #1 walks Neely (the handcuffed man) to wherever he needs to take him.

I’d hate to think they were a couple of racist pigs, but I’d also hate to think they had too few functioning brain cells to figure that out.

I don’t care if this was accepted practice under certain circumstances, or whatever else bullshit the cops there claim. How any breathing human in 2019 thought for a second that this was OK is un-fucking believable. Fucking cops sometimes, Jesus Christ.

Boy, Tucker Carlson was right. White supremacy in the US is a ‘hoax’.