"Blacks hate the cold..."

“… and that’s why I love the cold!” Quoted from an online white nationalist/supremacist/hater/whatever website. Various online pics show white dudes wearing just briefs and work boots while shoveling snow to prove their point.

So how true is this claim of theirs?

… I must be black.

You think it’s true???

82% of the population of Detroit thinks it’s not true.

So do the 40% of blacks who moved north during The Great Migration.

Man, I hate the cold. And I’m so white albinos tease me.

If the quote is from a white supremacist, first-order approximation is that it is bullshit, with a high probabilty that it is an ignorant lie.

You are under no obligation to further address any specific statements made by idiots past pointing and laughing.

I would say that the majority of the people I know here in South Carolina - black and white - hate the cold with a passion not seen since the dawn of time. They complain - and the stores sell heavy winter coats - when it gets to 60 degrees.

While certain groups (not simply “white”, many of whom live in relatively warm climates, but those groups with long residence at high latitudes) MIGHT have some marginal adaptions that grant them slightly better than average cold tolerance, those adaptions are not sufficient to really make much difference in naked-body cold tolerance. Human societies adapted to the cold with cultural artifacts like clothing and fire, not re-engineering their bodies.

Speaking of cultural things… I always thought one reason women in offices tended to be cold all the time, or conversely men too hot, was due to the differences in attire considered appropriate to each gender. Pants and wool suits are warmer than mid-thigh dresses in lightweight fabrics.

Purely anecdotal, but Matthew Henson was a black man and a kick-butt Arctic explorer. His descendants continue to live in Greenland, apparently unhampered by the African portion of their ancestry.

All I know is that if white supremacists make a claim, we can all rest assured that it will be based on and backed up by nothing but the most solid peer-reviewed research available.

Pier reviewed.

The reasoning is obvious. All humans have a racial memory, genetically encoded.

Blacks come from Africa, where it’s warm. Ipso facto, they hate the cold.

Whites come from Northern Europe, where it’s cold. Ergo, they love cold.

And because of the aforementioned racial memory, whites and blacks today all follow that pattern.

But wait – where did the whites in Northern Europe come from?

Ultimately… from Africa.

So why wouldn’t the racial memory of Africa have carried through to them?

Hmm… may have to work on this a bit more.


Somewhat puts me in mind of the joke: You know who likes fried chicken? Black people. You know who else likes fried chicken? Everybody. Now sub in “hates the cold.”

Ah hate the cold.
An I’m PROUD…!

Is this an example of Poe’s Law?

My racial memory has alzheimers. It forgets us whiteys love the cold.

Are you sure you were on a white supremacist Web site? Are you sure it wasn’t just snow-fetish porn? Did you spend a lot of time looking through photos of dudes in their underwear shoveling snow? You know, for research? :smiley:

It’s as true as all their other claims about race. If you see them as a reliable source for any sort of data, the SDMB might not be the best forum for you.

So white supremacists are deliberately giving themselves genital frostbite? I don’t care if this thing about black people hating the cold is true- we need these people to believe it.

Since I used to live in Chicago (1/3 African American population) and I grew up in Northern Nevada (4500 foot elevation) I can, at least anecdotally state that Black Americans have no greater dislike for the cold than White Americans do or that any other race does.

My SO is White and she hates the cold worse than I do.
Perhaps I should let her know that she’s secretly Black.

Anyway, even if it were true……so what? Almost everyone I have ever met in my entire life of any race dislikes the cold. That is the clearest explanation why the Upper Midwest and most of Canada is so thinly populated, along with Siberia and the entire Antarctic. Are White supremacists now claiming that liking cold weather bestows any special virtues upon White people?

If so, then that would make the lightly populated nations of Scandinavia and Iceland “magical”, wouldn’t it?