Blade movie question

If Frost (Stephan Dorff) had succedded in unleashing the Blood God, thus turning the world into vampires, what would they eat?

I have always wondered this in every vampire thing which involves destroying the whole world. Buffy comes to mind. Often.

In the bonus features of the DVD there are deleted scenes that answer this question. Apparently Frost has a huge storage of live people that he keeps in refrigerators throughout the world. This isn’t even addressed in the finished movie but at the very begining of the movie you see on of these bodies hanging from a meat hook in the slaughterhouse where the rave was going on. You only see it very briefly and unlsee you know what it is you will miss.

Keeping in the same spirit of this thread, what was the name of the actress who played the chick with the blond hair who was a vampire? She was at the beginning, dancing in the blood and so forth, and later on…

Sorry it’s so vague.

Her name is Traci Lords.