Never did find the answer.

OK, if this turns out to be a repeat, then I offer my regrets.

In the movie “Blade” (released August 98) what is the significance of the Potted Plant that, near the end of the movie, Blade (Wesley Snipes) pulls from the pot and cuts the roots off of.

I have looked through endless links, and have not found an answer yet. I request the name of the plant. That in and of itself may well answer the first question.

OK teeming millions, I am sure someone has the answer. Please enlighten me.

Umm, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen the movie, but it’s not garlic he’s removing the bulbs from by any chance?

I’ve heard that this is a samuri (or ninja or one of those type of groups) ritual before going to battle. The plant represents your home and family and you cut the roots off to signify that there is nothing that you care about that your enemy can use against you in battle such as blackmail.

While I can agree with the symbolism of the cutting of the roots, I still don’t know what kind of plant it was, or if it’s name or type was also symbolic.

Anyone else have a thought?

No, I don’t believe it was a Garlic plant.