Blade: The Series premiers tonight on Spike TV

Didn’t see any other thread about this. It’s a two-hour pilot at 10:00 pm Here’s a favorable review thats says the first hour is weak but the second is awsome. We’ll see.

Interesting. I didn’t know they were coming out with a series. I’ve set my recorder to pick it up when it airs again on July 1st because I missed tonight’s showing. (Truthfully, I wasn’t even aware we had Spike in our lineup.) I’m sure it’s at least worth a look-see.

Frankly, despite a fairly appealing female lead, it blew. The Blade actor didn’t
convince me, either with his moves (he doesn’t have any) or his acting (ditto).
The lead villian is intriguing but probably not enough to make me watch it again.

I caught a little of it last night, and the thing that annoyed me is though it was purported to be Detroit, I recognized NO detroit landmarks. Where was the GM Ren Center? Joe Louis Fist? Anything?

True it lacked a great many things, but given the choice of this or shitty nightly news, I’ll watch this.

Besides, I like where its going, even if “Blade” himself did such. Um, no pun intended.

And at least the vamps are tough - unlike the in the films.

I thought seriously about recording it, but in the end figured it was going to be bad. I’ll keep an eye on this thread - maybe it will improve enough for me to try it.

Though set in Detroit, it’s hard to get Detroit landmarks when filming in Vancouver.

:smack: Forgot to set DVR. Glad there’s a July 1 replay. Thanks SkipMagic.

What, they can’t do one fricking flyby shot of the Ren Center, even if it’s not in the background of a real scene, to establish the city? One shot of the Detroit river, or Comerica Park, or the Ambassador bridge?

Cheap bastids.

The show both bit and sucked, but not in the expected vampirey way. The show was barely about Blade, but that was okay because the actor is TERRIBLE. He had less and less dialogue and screentime as the pilot wore on, and I wonder if that’s because the producers saw the dailies and panicked. Pretty much everyone was weak except Randy Quaid, who trudged through plenty of bad expository dialogue; though the crooked cop was at least marginally entertaining.

Aren’t we pretty much over the gothy Anne Rice vampire crap now? Didn’t 12 total seasons of Buffy and Angel kill it by both perfecting and parodying it? This show has absolutely no sense of humor, but is too much fluff to take itself seriously. It’s like a Uwe Boll movie: ultra-lame flash, and no substance.

cbawlmer, you are right, of course, but look at the other crap that’s on TV right now.

And even better, look at past shows such as Highlander, which for some reason were popular even though they followed movies that weren’t even good.

No, that’s my point: there’s plenty of good TV out there so I don’t HAVE to look at the other crap. Nobody else should either!

Much of the cast are Canadian, too. I’m always amused when watching Hollywood movies to note how often some very recognizable Toronto and Vancouver buildings show up in “Chicago” or “New York.”

I got a good laugh when the head vamp was pointing out his window, pondering on local historic landmarks:

“As most people about a historic building around here, and they’d probably point to the Joe Louis Arena [points, view shown out window of a lit up city]”

I thought to myself…holy shit, when did all those broken-down, boarded up biuldings get lights in them? Anyone who was trying to make a show set in Detroit would have digitally blocked out about 2/3 of them.

I mean, naming some of the landmarks and a couple of cities just don’t cut it. And
when the news comes on and it’s figgin channel 5 news? C’mon people!!

Oh, and the acting was awful, and the Martial Arts weren’t even all that good. I’d rather see Witchblade again.

For those who missed it, it looks like the pilot is on spike again tonight. (In my area it is on at 9:00.) Just FYI.

I’ve now seen the pilot and a second episode. The next episode will decide its fate: If it doesn’t improve appreciably and immediately, it is gone from my list.

So far, weak is the kindest word I can summon up for it.

For those who keep missing it, the pilot is available for free from the iTunes store.