Blank ceramic masks...

You know those kind of fancy ceramic masks that people decorate to hang on the wall and so on? I need to find blank ones. They have to be either ceramic or plaster, because for what I need to do I need to drop one and hope it breaks into several pieces. I so far have been having bad luck with looking. I either find plastic ones, or really expensive pre-decorated ones. I found a few that MIGHT be what I’m looking for, but they look like they’re from shady companies out of China or something where A) who knows if you’ll ever get what you order and B) it may take nine billion years in shipping…

Anyone have any ideas? The local craft store wasn’t any help and unfortunately I don’t know Cleveland well enough to really know what kind of shops are around. I will start asking at the school on Monday (this week is spring break) but I’d rather have ordered something and have it on its way already by then… need it for an art project that I really kinda gotta get my ass in gear sooner rather than later on, if you know what I mean.

We tried making a plaster mold of my face so I could make my own, but the people helping me were too cautious… for example they didn’t get the plaster anywhere near my nostrils (even though I had straws in them, sealed with cotton and vaseline…) or make it all the way to my jaw line… so when I tried to use it I got a kind of lumpy bleah rather than a good likeness. (Hey, no jokes about the lumpy thing being an accurate likeness!!)

So pretty pretty please if anyone has any ideas, could ya let me know?


Sorry…I don’t know if that qualifies under your a) or b) above.

Well hey, they say they’re in Louisiana, which is good, and they take PayPal and credit cards, which is a good sign. (One company I looked at for something entirely different was in China and when I wrote them to ask a question, their only reply was to ask me the shipping address, and then tell me to send $x via Western Union to their address. They didn’t even answer my questions. I don’t think sooooooooo. Heh. Anyway at least if they take credit cards, if you don’t get your stuff, you can do a chargeback.

Thanks for the link and I will check it out more. That would definitely work for what I need.

Call the Flower Factory and see if they have what you’re looking for. They have locations in Brookpark and Aurora, which would be closest for you. They do not have what you are looking for on their web site, but I think it’s the sort of place that gets random shipments of goodies and they couldn’t possibly list everything on their site.

If you can’t find something you like, have you considered getting a plastic one and using that as a mold for a plaster cast?

Yeah actually that was my next plan if I couldn’t find what I needed. It would just be kind of a pain in the butt. (I would probably use clay and not plaster in that case, and let it dry but not fire it. All it has to do is break anyway!)

I will call that store… I’ve never even heard of it! (See, this is why the internet is so helpful!)

About a dollar each on eBay plus shipping.

Add a can of white spraypaint and they’ll be as ‘blank’ as when they were cast.