"Bleach" anime—Ichigo's mother question

I have a question about the Bleach anime and manga. There are some potential big-ass SPOILERS involved, so be warned…

…Right, so, I understand that main character Ichigo’s mother died defending him from a Hollow as a child. But what I’m wondering is what happened to her after that—or, what happened to her soul/spirit/ghost, specifically, I guess. Was it actually consumed (and, presumibly, destroyed) by the Hollow? If so (or if not), what happened to her? Heaven? Hell? Oblivion? Reincarnation? Used to power a giant military cyborg? What?

Can anyone enlighten me?

This episode hasn’t aired on Cartoon Network yet so be warned:

The Gran Fisher returns to destroy Ichigo by taking on his mother’s form. His mother’s “spirit” saves him. Where was the spirit all this time? Trapped in the Gran Fisher? They don’t really say. What happens to her after her nearly defeats the Gran Fisher? She probably goes to the Soul Society, but they don’t really say.

Orihime’s brother did become a Hollow, but we did not see him in the Soul Society.

What I wanna know is where Ichigo got his head of flaming orange hair - I’m not sure Mommy dearest’s genes were sufficient to override Daddy’s.


We dont see him, but we know he was cleansed by Ichigo.

As per the original question, I have been lax on my Bleach-watching lately, only being up to Episode 88. Sorry I cant contribute! :: huge anime fan feels guilty ::