Bleaching/Dying facial hair

I’m thinking about bleaching my goatee. I’ve got no experience with hair dye and am looking for some pointers. Since I seriously doubt I’ll go more than two or three days before I get fed up with it and shave, I don’t want to pay for this service. Any dopers ever done this? How hard is it, and can I do it myself or should I take up an offer for someone to help me?

You can do it yourself with a bleach kit sold in drug stores. Something like “frost-n-tip” should work well.

One thing though, those kits aren’t really designed for your face so you might get a rash.

I used to use that junk on my hair back in my Ye Old Punk days. I never had a reaction from doing my head or eye brows, but others I knew did.

Hair dye and bleach are quite hard on your skin, even the comparatively less sensitive skin of the scalp. If you’re thinking of bleaching it, depending on how dark your hair is, it could take some time to finish, and you might end up with irritated, unsightly-looking skin.

I’ve never tried it. The professionals still use essentially the same chemicals as you would get in stuff sold to consumers, but they have the expertise to do it without glopping it all over your skin. If you do try it, cover all the exposed skin around the goatee with vaseline, and make sure the bleach you get is strong enough to lighten your hair as much as you want it to. Try to get as little on your skin as possible, watch it closely to see when it’s done, and decide in advance if you really want to do this - since if you irritate your skin, and your goatee looks like crap, you probably won’t want to run a razor over that skin right away.

But if you’re just planning on the goatee (I wouldn’t be brave enough to do my own eyebrows) it’s not like you’ll suffer permanent harm if you screw up. Since you probably don’t want to go to the trouble of finding a beauty store and buying the bleach I use on my hair, a bleach kit or highlighting kit probably oughta do it.

I used to keep my facial hair bleached. Burned a little right afterward. I’d do it every week or so (roots), which kept the hair pretty brittle: I never had to trim it because bu the time it got about half an inch long it’d’ve been dyed several times and usually just broke off.