Blending makes yogurt salad dressing too runny

I’ve been making a yogurt-based dressing that comes out very runny when I take a stick blender to it. If I chop the ingredients fine and mix them together the thickness stays about the same as the yogurt. The thinning is probably due to the blender releasing more liquid into the mixture, but there’s such a big change in consistency that I thought I’d ask you all if there isn’t something else happening, like a chemical reaction.

Here’s the recipe; share yours while we’re at it, if you like.

1 plain yogurt
Squirt of mustard
Few shakes of Worcestershire sauce
Packet of anchovies, rinsed to remove salt and oil and carefully squeezed dry
Grated Parmesan/romano cheese

Are you blending all the ingredients with the yogurt all together? If you are, I’d suggest blending all the ingredients then mixing it into the yogurt. If the stuff won’t blend on it’s own, add just enough yogurt to get it moving, then add the results to the remaining yogurt.

I’d guess that you could blend yogurt all by itself and it would get runny.

I suspect if you let it stand in the fridge for a couple of hours it’ll firm up a bit


That’s a good idea, I’ll try that.

Yeah, that occurred to me, too, and it’s kind of why I posted. Can’t experiment until I buy more yogurt. Maybe blending forces air into the mixture and makes it less viscous.

Yeah, that might work. I’ll try making it ahead of time and letting it sit (air?).

Thanks to you both!

Use anchovy paste and a whisk.

Anything I make calling for pulverized anchovies, I use the paste, which is post-pulverized anchovies. Whole anchovies I save for antipasto, laid over roasted peppers and drizzled with good olive oil.

I’ve never seen that available in my area. Thanks for the tip, though.