Is there a trick to mixing yogurt with its flavoring?

I used to the get the Chobani yogurt tubes at Costco, and have one for breakfast every day I had to go into the office. It was great: I saved the 45 seconds it would take me to sit down and eat yogurt at home and, at the same time, give other commuters the impression, if only briefly, that I was fellating Shiva(*).

However, Costco dropped the Chobani tubes and replaced them with “Go-gurt”, which tastes like pure sugar with syrup sauce. Seriously, it’s like a Pixie Stick smoothie. So, recently I’ve tried Fage Greek yogurt. (The cup has printed on it, “Pronounced: Fa-yeh!” Yes, the exclamation point is part of the pronunciation. I thinks it’s short for, “No, it’s not ‘faggy’. Stop calling us to ask that, assholes!”) The problem is it comes in two compartments, one containing plain yogurt, and the other containing fruit-like flavoring. No matter how much I try to stir in the flavoring, I get patches of Go-gurt-esque sweetness, and others of sourish plain yogurt. Neither is particularly pleasant. Is there a trick I’m missing? Does Brookstone carry an “in cup yogurt blender-matic” tool, or something like that?
(*) Or Lucifer, depending on which flavor I chose that morning.

Actually, I am in the minority of people, I think, who only like to marble my yogurt with the fruit, etc., not mix it in smoothly, consistently, within an inch of its life, you know. My husband thinks it’s weird. He is a committed mixer. But I love the patches of sweetness contrasting with the sour patches. I love textures like that. I hate uniformity of flavours.

I don’t see how there’s possibly another answer to the OP besides, “Stir more!” It might help if you don’t just swirl the spoon in a simple circle, but actually ***fold ***what’s on the bottom over the top of the yogurt and vice-versa.

(Count me in the “Contrast is good!” camp.)

Yeah, I miss the old giant cups of thick Dannon fruit on the bottom (before all the guar gum and added milk powder). I used to eat it top to bottom with minimal or no stirring.

Greg, if you’re mostly having yogurt at home, why not try getting a quart of plain or vanilla yogurt, and then mixing your favorite jam in…in a regular bowl? We do this a lot. Then you can stir it (with a fork) to your heart’s content.

Yep, I’ve started doing this. I’m still searching for the best cherry jam.

Hmm, I think using a fork might help. I do try folding, not just stirring with my spoon, but a fork might work better. Mixing up a big (and cheap) batch at home with generic yogurt and jam is a pretty good idea too. I could use an egg beater for that. Otherwise, maybe I’ll take Athabasca’s advice, and just learn to like it that way. It’d be sort of like the “What’s the trick with the match,” scene in Lawrence of Arabia, only not quite as painful.

take half a spoon of fruit and hold in your mouth, letting the sweetness to hit you, take half a spoonful of yogurt, place it in your mouth. close mouth and swoosh around mixing the two. swallow the tasty flavored yogurt.

for a change of pace put in the tart yogurt first.

Anybody try the Noosa brand yogurt? OMG that stuff is so good. Like eating liquid cheesecake. I have a feeling it can’t be good for you for how good it tastes.

My friend bought me one of these and it is seriously tasty. But you’re right-- it’s a lot more caloriffic and substantially more fatty compared to a typical greek yogurt.

Count me in the marble camp, and I also add my own flavourings to plain greek yogurt. If you want to do some serious DIY uniform flavour make batches and whazz it up in a food processor, store it in those single serving ziploc containers. The other option you could try is to add a bit of milk to thin it slightly and make aYop type thingy.

I have the same complaint, I normally don’t eat Fage for that reason, but for a few days apparently that is the only brand that our local coffee shop is going to carry.

The main problem I find is that there is not enough room in the yogurt compartment to effectively stir in the jam without spilling over.

Today I tried this: with a small-bowl spoon take a bit of the jam and then a larger amount of yogurt. Keep up this way until you have eaten about half of the yogurt. Then scrape the rest of the jam into the yogurt container and mix as needed.

Of course, that narrow little jam container means that a lot of it is left behind. But I manage to scrape it out with a small plastic knife.

Fage is just too much trouble. I prefer Oikos.

I’ve always assumed that they come separate because those who eat them don’t like the completely mixed versions. In other words, they aren’t supposed to be fully mixed.

If you’re willing to get cups, is there not premixed yogurt that isn’t too sweet for you? You might try the less sweet flavors, like vanilla or pina colada. And, if they are premixed, you can actually eat them without a spoon, even if it is much less convenient than a tube. Just squeeze and lick well.

You basically need to move the yogurt to a cup large enough to stir everything together completely, but obviously that defeats the purpose of a quick and easy on-the-go snack.

I eat a yogurt every day, and my favorite brand switched from standard cups to a small square cup that makes effective stirring impossible. So I bought a Chobani yogurt, ate it, and now use the empty container for my own brand. This requires that I scoop all of the yogurt out of its square container into the Chobani container, stir it to my liking, eat it, and then wash the Chobani container for use the next day.

This has lead to some ridicule from people who witness the nightly yogurt ritual, but I don’t care, at least my yogurt is properly stirred.

When I want to take it with me, I put the yogurt and mix-in into a little Rubbermaid container with a lid.

But you should shun and punish those square container folks! Stand up for your rights to a round container! :smiley:

You could also invent the world’s smallest immersion blender…

Powered by USB no doubt. I can see this getting done soon. :wink: