Greek yogurt! Yeah!

I’ve hated yogurt all my life because it’s so watery and has a nasty texture. I recently tried Greek yogurt and wow, it’s pretty good stuff! Relatively filling, relatively good for you, all that jazz. I’ve tried Chobani and Yopa and liked the Chobani more. Only really tried strawberry and blueberry so far. What’s your favorite?

I like natural (i.e. plain) Greek yoghurt as an accompaniment to cake or fresh fruit - then drizzled with a little honey.

If you can find it, Turkish Kaymakli yoghurt is really good - it’s thick and creamy set yogurt (thick enough to cut with a knife) and it comes with a delicious buttery skin on the top. Again, great with honey and fruit and/or crushed nuts.

Love the stuff.

Keep an eye on the sugar content.

The pineapple flavor Chobani is really really good. I also like pomegranate and raspberry.

The honey one is gross though.

What does ‘set’ mean? Does that mean it’s set into a molded form, like jello?

Plain greek yogurt with blueberries, Splenda and Special K Protein Plus makes me want to weep for joy. Extra weeping if I get 2% fat yogurt from Trader Joe’s.


I was coming in to suggest this.

I like Fage the best, in terms of brands. And I love the honey one.

Every other flavor tastes like greek yogurt w/ fruit in it. Still a strong tang that mostly only works well with strong tangy fruit (which is why I like the raspberry and pomegranate flavors). But the pineapple is different, it just tastes like delicious pineapple ice cream or something.

I love yoghurt, but it’s not that different than ice cream: mostly milk fat and sugar. Small amounts aren’t unhealthy, but the calories will add up fast unless you find one of the non-fat, low-sugar varieties.

I doubt most people are pounding their way through multiple servings of yogurt at a time.

One of us is missing something. The thread is about Greek yogurt. The only Greek yogurts I’ve seen since I started eating it a few months ago are all (near-) zero fat, zero sugar. The flavored varieties may have some sugar but it’s added.

BTW OP: Get some huge strawberries, the ones that are so big they’re flavorless, and dip those in your yogurt. Excellent.

Both Fage and Chobani (my favorite brands) have versions with and without fat. And most flavored yoghurts (that is, not plain) have added sugar. You really have to read the labels. It is possible to get non-fat, no-added-sugar yoghurt, but the odds are not in our favor when simply grabbing one.

Ah. I’ve just been getting plain. I’ll have to check next time I go if my grocery store carries both nonfat and fat. I truly don’t know that I’ve seen the latter yet. I do read the nutrition labels. Beyond the brand and product name, 95% of everything else on the front label of food is lies designed to get you to put it in your cart quicker, so I usually ignore it.

I’m not actually a fan of the taste–I think it has kind of a moldy flavor–but I’ll eat it occasionally if just because it’s nice and filling.

Mix in some olive oil, vinegar, and shredded and squeezed cucumber (so most of the water is gone), and some crushed garlic and you have tzatziki, food of the gods.

As I have mentioned before, we go though cases of this stuff a month! My wife buys Fage a case at a time from Costco, and it lasts us around 2 weeks. I probably eat 1.5 cups a day.
It’s full of protein, and I’m trying to put on lean mass, so I think it’s kind of a “superfood” - a least for me. I use it instead of milk with my cereal and berries.

I like Chobani too and eat blueberry about 80% and raspberry about 20%. I recently started removing about 1/2 of the sugary mixture at the bottom (but retrieving any blueberries) in an effort to cut down on sugar. I don’t miss it at all and it tastes just as good, if not better.

Greek yogurt is one of my go-to protein foods, but it has to be the real stuff, not the trendy stuff that’s pretty much the same as regular yogurt. I also agree that you need to watch serving sizes - it’s easy to eat two or three servings in a sitting when one serving is 1/2 a cup or so. I love Liberte Wild Blueberry and the Honey flavour.