Whats your favorite yogurt flavor?

I started on Activia in 2006. It’s made a big difference in my irritable gut. I suffered for almost a decade before starting.

I also buy five Stonyfield organic yogurts at least once a month. That way I get a good mix of probiotics.

I’d never survive daily yogurt if there weren’t all the flavor choices.

Whats your favorite yogurt flavor?

For the poll I’m ignoring the desert yogurts. That could be another thread.

Strawberry-banana or peach.

I made the poll multiple choice. Just in case there’s two you love equally.

I love Cherry and Peach the best. But, I eat all the poll flavors for variety.

Strawberry and blueberry.

I eat most all the fruit ones and the different types of plain ones, I don’t eat the ones that sound ridiculous to me, like chocolate or toffee or apple pie flavour.
But my favourite is coconut.
Always have it in the fridge. I eat is as you eat most other sorts, just on a spoon, or with fruit or spread on biscuits and I also use it in curries.

Strawberry-banana is probably my favourite.

Plain isn’t the same thing as vanilla. Those should have been separate. I mean, plain is plain, nothing added.

I picked other because my favorite is Greek Gods brand honey flavored yogurt, followed by plain.

There is a lemon Greek yogurt that is to die for. Yummy lemony goodness.


I rather like plain yogurt.

I didn’t realize plain and vanilla were different flavors. I can’t recall ever eating plain. It always has a little vanilla.

Learned something new today. :smiley:

I find the ones with fruit goo overly sweet. I get lemon a lot. Recently my favorite has been Archer Farms (Target’s store brand) honey almond.

I agree with you and **Rhiannon8404 ** on them being two different things. However, unlike you I hate plain yogurt and love vanilla.

Yogurt is simply fermented milk. Greek is further strained. Its natural sour since the milk sugars are boen down and acid is rleased by the bacteria. To get any flavor you need to add it.

I love plain on other foods and peach is my favorite fruit flavor.

Honey Greek yogurt is my favorite.

I find most yogurt too sweet, including vanilla. I get plain and add my own fruit and (sometimes) honey.

Yeah, might be a problem if you’re cooking and don’t realize “plain” and “vanilla” are two completely different things. Vanilla-flavored tzatziki…hork.

The only yogurt I buy is plain, completely unflavored. It’s more versatile that way, and flavored yogurt is too sweet, besides.

Coffee. Specifically Dannon coffee. As some internet research (and the occasional conversation in front of the yogurt case) has taught me, I am far from the only person who eats a Dannon coffee yogurt every single day. I recently had to split the remaining cache at Safeway 50/50 with someone – each of us would have taken every one. And you definitely don’t want to be around me when they are not available for some reason. In those circumstances, I have tested numerous other yogurts, but nothing comes close, although I recently discovered Noosa honey, which is not bad at all.

full fat Plain. I mix it with muesli for breakfast. Flavored ones are too sweet.

there is plain yogurt, unflavored sweetened yogurt and vanilla sweetened yogurt. all different. plain yogurt is tart.

Dannon makes Coconut-Pineapple that I’m addicted to.

If I want something savory, I get Plain (not Vanilla) and add chives and maybe some herbs.