Bless you, Bravo for showing me The Meaning of Life

I had seen The Meaning of Life once, many years ago, and had always meant to rent it and see it again. For some reason, I never got around to it. Then, last night, the Bravo channel, which obviously is smarter than me, showed the whole thing uncut, together with its “Crimson Accountancy” pirate short. Thanks, Bravo, I needed that (in the wake of the San Jose Sharks’ loss).

I’ve spent this whole morning looking up the lyrics to The Galaxy Song, The Penis Song, Every Sperm is Sacred and Please Lord Don’t Burn Us, and laughing uproariously all over again. Eric Idle is a songwriting genius.

“Whenever things get you down, Mrs. Brown,
and things seem hard or tough . . .”

Who do I have to kill to get my local cable company to carry the Indepenent Film Channel? :smiley:

Ted Turner.

“Bring me a bucket!”

How do you feel?
Better get a bucket.