Bring 'em back alive!

If you could bring back any one cancelled television series, which would would you choose?
I would bring back Gargoyles(minus that ghodawful Saturday morning ABC third season, of course).
Remember, one only!


There are others I miss, but *Firefly *had so much potential for further development. And I don’t like comics, so those don’t count.


Definitely Firefly. I’m not a total Whedon fanboy, but I really enjoyed this show, and of all the shows I’ve seen, I feel that this one had the most wasted potential. Others, like Arrested Development, had pretty well explored their premise by the time they were canceled.

Terriers or Deadwood

So many to choose…

Should I bring it back so I can get closure to the mystery?

Or because I think the show is good?
Arrested Development
Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

Or because I think it sucked but I liked it anyway?
The Tick (live action)

What about shows that had long runs but I wasn’t done watching them?
The Adventures of Briso County Jr.
Law & Order
Boston Public

I loved some of these cartoons…
The Tick

Shows that just disappeared after I saw a few episodes and don’t ever seem to be on at the same time in consecutive weeks…
Extreme Engineering

But I think I would simply like to bring back, and force the actors at gunpoint if I have to, a show that I think should have gone a lot longer than it did:



Pushing Daisies.


I’m going to have to bow to the obvious too and say “Firefly.” It really was stillborn with so much wasted potential.

How about (to play off the thread title) Bring 'Em Back Alive? It was a really fun little adventure series starring Bruce Boxleitner, a roman a clef of Frank Buck’s travels collecting animals.

Police Squad (in color!), though I don’t know that they could have kept it the script quality beyond a half-season.

Angel. Everyone else has Firefly covered.

Andy Richter saves the Universe. It was just funny as hell.

Better Off Ted.

Brimstone. This show had tons of potential, and the canceled it right after the female cop Ash was revealed to be the ringleader of the escapees. [I’m too tired to add the mad smiley, but it would normally go here.]

Rome coulda used another few seasons. They ended up having to cram a decade worth of history in at the end of the last season. And they were setting up things to go to the Holy Land, which would’ve been cool.

I actually think the episodes of Firefly + the movie work pretty well as they are. A lot of sci-fi series get dragged on too long, so I kinda like that Firefly lasted long enough to wrap up its main plotlines and then ended.

I vote for Profit, starring Adrian Pasdar, since Brimstone was taken. There were only a few episodes, but the premise was intriguing and I couldn’t guess what was going to happen next; the sign of a TV program that I’m going to like.

American Dreams. They were just getting into the heart of the Sixties. Same with I’ll Fly Away.

Man, I was having a hard time deciding between the recently cancelled Chicago Code or SGU, and I totally forgot about Terriers.

Yes, Terriers x 100.

Anything older than that, I’ve made my piece with them being cancelled.