Get A Life

It looks like the USA Network has decided to start reruns of “Get A Life,” the old Chris Elliott sitcom. Great little show. Died before its time. I am surprised, however, that the network decided to pluck such an old, unheralded, short-lived show off the scrapheap. Or maybe I’m not – it seems like any show that lasted more than 10 episodes will get its day. Hell, the Sci-Fi Channel ran “The Burning Zone,” and that lasted for one season. And I have seen the odd episode of “The Misfits Of Science.”

Anybody have any favorite old shows which aren’t being rerun but deserve the honor?

Bottom, although the BBC is rerunning them again now I think.

And of course: the Wonder Years.

“Get a Life!” I loved that show! One of the funniest things I ever saw on TV was the episode where he was in a musical with a local theatre group…Zoo Animals on Skates.

I got really tired of “The Wonder Years” after a while. Bart Simpson said it all: “Man, that kid thinks too much.”

I loved “My So-Called Life”. Everything I love on TV has a depressingly short life-span.


I kinda miss Nowhere Man.

All the government conspiracy of The X-Files, with none of the pseudoscience.

If by that you mean Kevin and Winnie and “I know you like her but do you like her like her,” it’s being run regularly on Nick at Nite, though that may not be available in your vicinity.

Dark Justice- “Justice may be blind, but it can see in the dark!”
Nightmare Cafe
No Soap,Radio
Michael Nesmith’s Television Parts

Mike Moore’s TV Nation. Sure you can catch The Awful Truth on Bravo, but that’s only if your ::hijack:: gestapo-conglomerate-shit-eating-cable-telecom-long-distance-service (guess who) carries Bravo. Mine doesn’t, unless you have Digital Cable (slogan: Even more service interruptions, and twice as many worthless channels to pay for just to get the two decent ones you want. But hey, at least you’re not using Digital Sattelite. That takes a whole half hour to set up! And you can’t get local channels {because we lined the pockets of the FCC and your friendly U.S. Congress}! And Digital Sattelite, uh…causes cancer! Yeah, that’s it!)

::in a tiny, embarrassed voice::
Umm…sorry you had to see that…

Bob Newhart’s underpromoted Bob. Great little show. They raped it in the second season and it died. A bloody shame. I darn near killed myself when I accidentally taped over the “25th Anniversary” show.

tracer, you are the only person in the WORLD I know (without actually knowing) who also watched this show. It came on UHS here in Shreveport and everytime I mentioned it to my friends I’d just get blank looks. I thought that NO one else was watching but me! I watched that show from the very beginning and I was hooked. I loved it. Well acted. Well written. As good as the X-Files ever was.

Gosh! I’m all excited that another human being actually watched this show!

Tracy, proof that little things mean a lot. :wink:

You can get all the “Get a Life” episodes on videotape or DVD. I only knew one other person who was actually aware of that show when it was actually playing. “Spewey” was my favorite.

I’d really like to see reruns of “The State”. Half-hour comedy show that played on MTV for two seasons and then died a painful death on the networks.
“I’m really enjoying the dinner, but what’s this blue meat.”
“Oh? Why that’s muppet.”

The State! Yes! I loved that show. The sketch about Levon and Barry and $240 worth of puddin still kills me. The first one, that is.

I also loved Liquid Television. The piece called Grinning Evil Death, featuring Captain Sarcastic, was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

Get a Life was hilarious, and I also dug the theme song.

I loved hearing R.E.M.'s “Stand” at the beginning of “Get A Life” – for me, it kind of validated my worship of a band that, at the time, was just starting to transcend its cult status. But the new USA reruns have wiped “Stand” away in favor of some generic music.

I can’t wait for the episode featuring Hot Dog Boy.

I have Nesmith’s Television Parts on tape somewhere. I love the skit about the filmmaker with the sponge fetish.

VR5. I have most of the episodes on tape somewhere. I feel robbed that this show died too early.

Wizards and Warriors. I great, campy show! I think I have one or two episodes on tape. I need to get the rest!

I could go on…

Good vs. Evil, also known as G vs E. It started out on USA (I think) and then moved to the SciFi channel.
Any show that has a cameo of Emmanuel Lewis as a demon, and then proceeds to blow him up, just plain rocks. Man oh man, I love that show.

Well, I know of two more…me and my friend Dan. We’d watch it before Voyager came on. I loved it! It made no sense at times (hence our nickname “Nonsense Man”), but I still liked watching it. :slight_smile:

I thought the Desmond Pfieffer show was hilarious, and I missed one. I’d love to tape it for people who missed it.

It got dumped because the concept seemed non-PC, when really there were no racial gags at all, and the black parts (like Desmond, who was narrating) were more realistic people than anything on WB today.

All? I’ve seen only four episodes available. Rhino carries all four on one DVD, and two of my favorites, “Zoo Animals on Rollerskates” and the one about building a two-man submarine in the shower, aren’t among them.

Where can I find the other episodes?

Besides Get A Life…

The Tracy Ullman Show. An oddball, unpredictable show. And the crude, scratchy little Simpson segues are classics.

I’d also like to see reruns of “Freaks and Geeks,” but they didn’t make enough episodes for it to go into syndication.

Hey, like I said in the OP, you don’t need to have been on for a full season to achieve some kind of rerun life. Given the critical raves heaped on “Freaks and Geeks,” I would expect it to rise from the dead at some point, if only for a short time.

I think the first episode actually started out with “Cecilia Ann” by the Pixies, off their album, “Bossanova”. I remember being very surprised, as this preceded the days when a college radio song could go from zero-to-car commercial in under 60 seconds.