Blind Item, HIV+, Anyone Else Possible But Charlie Sheen?

I am not much for following celebrities, but this blind item seems to be everywhere lately.

Full blind items and clues at link below.

The first thing that popped into my mind was Charlie Sheen, is there anyone else this could possible be about? I’ve seen others suggest Robert Downy Jr, or Leo DiCaprio but they don’t seem to really fit or do they.

Blind Item at

I wouldn’t characterize Sheen as “one of Hollywood’s top megastars” whereas the other two, I would.

Not really sure that Sheen is considered a “great actor,” as quoted in the article.

Maybe Tom Sizemore? He did famously date Heidi Fleiss, and apppeared in his own pornographic movie. Has had drug problems since he was 15, according to Wiki.

ETA: Sizemore’s not really a megastar, either. But his resume is a little more impressive.

Sizemore has always been a character actor not a star. Sheen was well regarded as an actor back in the day with Platoon and Wall Street not as much any more. He is and was certainly a star and much bigger than Sizemore.

I don’t think Leo is “known for a playboy lifestyle filled with one-night stands and sex-for-hire partners.”

And take “megastar” with a grain of salt - these sites hype everyone. “B-List actor is HIV+” doesn’t get the same number of clicks.

I can think of a couple of other A-list names who allegedly fit the category of “bad-boy Tinseltown star” but given that the tabloids have a habit of predicting so-and-so has six months to live, then waiting a year so we can forget what they said, then predicting it again, I think I’ll pass on this particular game.

“A top megastar is sick.”

“What megastar?”

“TOP. Megastar.”

I saw that article yesterday on the Drudge Report - and thought Charlie Sheen before I finished the article. Even if you can argue he’s not an A-List movie star, he definitely has as much recognition and “fame” as A-List movie stars.

Just out of curiosity I googled “Charlie Sheen HIV” and got a number of hits going back a few years about strippers accusing him of having it. Hearsay sure, but lends some weight to it being him.

Even though it hasn’t been true for quite a while there is no denying that he was once an A-list movie star.

ETA: And before his meltdown a few years ago he was certainly an A-list TV star. At the time he was the highest paid actor on TV on a top rated show. He also reportedly got paid $200 million for doing 100 episodes of Anger Management.

Keep in mind that there’s also been a rumor that Family Matters actor Darius McCrary is HIV positive, but it’s never been proven, and he denies this story.

It would be a little premature to consider DiCaprio middle-aged, wouldn’t it? He’s only just turned 40…

This blind is clearly written to implicate Charlie Sheen, and it’s almost certain people will jump to Charlie Sheen as a guess. But it almost seems like a publicist plant to make people think and worry about a guy who’s not doing much these days… megastar? With lots of fans? And multiple friends?

This bit (“he has desperately hidden it from the world, terrified his fans will turn against him”) suggests it’s not Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen still has fans?

This site says its Sheen.

I’ve seen comments elsewhere suggesting that Sheen and his PR people leaked the story in an attempt to humanize him, while downplaying the bit about him knowingly exposing women.

Google “[leo Dicaprio Pussy Posse](pussy posse leo dicaprio)”

somehow, while not expecting anything nsfw, that was not what I was expecting at all.

I’m going with the PR move for Charlie Sheen.

Well, I stuffed that link up, sorry. I meant this (SFW, just gossip rag links)

Any outside chance it could be Clooney? He’s certainly a bigger megastar than Sheen, and maybe such a diagnosis would explain why he’s recently settled down? Just throwing it out there as a suggestion.

And he WAS on both “The Facts of Life” and “Roseanne”

That is not Charlie Sheen.

Charlie Sheen never believed he’d be remembered as a great actor.

I was gonna say Clooney.

I was thinking Colin Ferrel

Orders in hookers like pizza