Charlie Sheen Webcast

It’s 8:54pm Central. Charlie Sheen is getting ready to do a live webcast at 10pm Eastern, if anyone is interested.

The link is here.

He looks horrible in the face. Think the drugs are the only thing “winning” at this point. Give him about a year before he kicks the bucket on an overdose or heart attack from abusing stimulants.

Thanks to digital technology we get to see his mental breakdown LIVE and his great great great grandchildren will be able to study it in the future.

One of his sponsors is snicker…

NBC ran a special “Dateline” about him last night. He claims to have kicked the booze & drugs through sheer willpower. Turned his house into his own personal version of the Betty Ford Clinic. The best parts are his inability to follow his own train of thought and when he says people with normal brains (i.e.: his fans) aren’t supposed to understand him; he has “tiger blood and Adonis DNA”.

I think I’ve figured it out. His contract has a clause in it that pays him in the event of a complete meltdown.

I can’t imagine any producer watching this and hiring him. Ever.

It was nice of Charlie and his warlock brain to produce exhibit-“A” for his children’s custody trial.

“I say hang onto those resentments, let them be the rocket fuel that lives in the tip of your saber”. Michael Sheen.

For Charlie Sheen Webcast Click Here

It was not funny… he only works well when in the company of sane people… being with others of similar… khm… “convictions” tends to get kinda lame…

It was pure rambling. I was able to watch the whole thing and it was painful. And my quote listed above was not his fathers, it was his from the webcast. Not having a warlock brain full of tiger blood makes it hard to stay focused on his rants.

It’s like a group of cool kids that hang out in the lobby of the dormitory. They all have their in jokes and are smecking it up at them. You have no idea why they think it’s funny and you aren’t meant to.

Yeah, I was gonna say, Michael Sheen is that guy who always plays Tony Blair.

Oh My God. The webcast that followed (Torpedoes of Truth) was a solo in front of his computer without his “crew”. His hair is disheveled and he has double bags under his eyes. It’s hard to describe the rant so I’ll just post a snippet:’’
It’s a sheendog, what other kind of dog would it be, and it’s inhabited, its its soul is inhabited by the ghost of betty and now it will murder people it will eat trolls with it’s razor fangs and spen dropped spleens off at their children’s tiny houses. Foiled by phones and trolls, can you hear me bobaloo, bobaloo can you hear me……

you have a magic brain also bob, you have a magic brain, therefore you can digest decipher and con-completely involve yourself with everything I speak.**

This video alone ends his contract.

I never even heard of Two and a Half Men until maybe a couple of weeks ago. But I sure am watching his meltdown with the fascination of a bad traffic accident. It’s even made the news over here.

I figured it out. Charlie Sheen is Homer.

Wow, the latest and possibly the last webcast is just as wild as the earlier ones. He appears to have written down his thoughts in advance so he can read them back.

He did seem a little less manic this time, although of course this may well have been the result of reading a prepared script rather than speaking ex tempore as before. By recent Sheen standards it was all pretty tame and pedestrian, although I’m sure Charlie believes he’s delivered a speech that will ring down the centuries. :slight_smile:

A reality show needs to get Sheen and Randy Quaid together and follow them around.

It’s almost like they made a bet to see who could convince the public they were crazier.

Where’s Mel Gibson and Tom Cruise these days? I bet they’re in on it.

With Gary Busey as a chaperon?