Charlie Sheen's Live Tour

I live in Detroit, though I did not see the first show. Reviews are terrible. Anyone go?

Sheen Booed on stage.

What a fucking shock—The brain damaged mouth-breathers who paid big bux to listen to a mentally-ill drug addict rant and rave on stage for an hour are somehow astounded that it wasn’t a good entertainment value for their “hard earned” welfare benefit dollars…

The only people involved in this entire media-whore rewarding farce that I feel badly for are the hard working hotel maids who will have to clean up his blood, feces, vomit, semen and lobster bisque-stained bedsheets when he gets kicked out of his luxury suite at 4:30 in the morning.

Yeah, I wanted to go see it too.

I understand that they didn’t even use real Spanish sherry in the Goddamn lobster bisque!!!

Sheen still has their money, so he still ended up winning. The real losers (besides those who paid for tickets) are the scalpers who are now stuck with a bunch of worthless tickets they can’t unload. So there’s really no downside to the night.

So…what exactly was this “show” supposed to be, other than Sheen complaining about his producers? They didn’t get Snoot Dog, and they apparently didn’t have any dancing bears, either.

It’s like those infomercials in the middle of the night where they say the name of the product over and over, but you can’t figure out what the product is.

On the afternoon radio show I listen to, they were talking to a ticket broker about the show and he was saying how a lot of them (he didn’t buy) were taking a complete bath on the show and selling the tickets at below face value. We’re talking two hundred or three hundred seat blocks here.

The hosts are supposed to go to tomorrow’s show in Chicago and report back come Monday. That’ll probably be far more amusing than the show itself.

I had a facebook friend who was going to go, and when I checked in to see what she said about it, it turned out she had a bad kidney stone attack this afternoon and missed it. I refrained from snarking that she possibly got off lucky and wished her well instead.

Seriously. The man’s delusional; he thought he’d go out on stage and wing it and everyone would love him because he’s some special snowflake full of lion piss or panther spooge or whatever he’s claiming today and that every bit of verbal diarrhea he spews is like a dulcet angel’s voice from heaven to grace itself upon our golden ears. He’ll probably blame the debacle on the audience; those boorish morons in Detroit don’t understand the brilliance that is Charlie Sheen! He’s the greatest entertainer alive, just ask him! Everything he shits on turns to gold! He eats Skittles and farts rainbows!

I don’t know what people thought they were going to see. They paid for a train wreck, they got one.

I think Sheen will learn there’s a difference, when people listen to what you have to say FOR FREE versus listening to what you have to say when they’ve paid for it.

This is exactly how I envisioned it playing out. The people who though he was scripting a delusional rant found out he was in fact, delusional. I expect this tour to be cut short. I’d be surprised if he makes it through the next one.

Almost as pitiful as John Barrymore being trotted out on stage as an alcoholic wreck of a man by his wife just to make money … unfortunately I think Sheen is doing it to himself …:frowning:

I have to say, I misread the thread title as “Charlie Sheen’s Liver Tour” and it actually made more sense. Any liver that’s gone through what Sheen’s has should have some awesome stories to tell…

Like has been said many times above… what did these people expect? I mean really…?:rolleyes:

Plus as many shows as he has scheduled; I think we’ll be lucky if even ONE MORE happens. His big contribution was being an asshole and saying HE has app… the audience doesn’t! He’s confusing fans with people who really care about him.

Charlie, if your brain isn’t too fried by then; we’ll see you in a few years once you’ve eaten enough humble pie to where people can tolerate you again. Your flame is just about extinguished.

To be far, a lot of posters in this thread were pretty convinced of Sheen’s genius as well.

And, just like the man said, they got taken.

Got a good laugh out of this:

He thought he was joking but damned if the woman I mentioned with the kidney stones didn’t post almost exactly this sentiment this morning.

None is not “a lot”.


Seriously, what did people expect? and who are these idiots who have 100s of dollars to blow on such a venture???

So was I imagining these posts? Because they all seem to point to Charlie Sheen’s popularity in the social media world as proof that it would carry over elsewhere.

StusBlues: It does appear so. It seems Mr. Sheen is carving out a nicely profitable career out of acting completely wack.

Rainbowthief: I told my wife it was incredibly short sighted of CBS to fire Sheen now that he’s a social media phenomenon. People who would never watch that crappy show might tune in just to see if Sheen seems “off” and some of them may continue watching. He has over 3,000,000 Twitter followers now and the numbers can probably continue to grow as long as he keeps everyone entertained with all that Warlock vs trolls stuff. #winning!

fusoya: Advantage: Charlie. Looks like he might be getting that $3 mil per ep afterall.