CBS pulls plug on Two and a Half Men

Can’t say you didn’t see this coming: SFGate article.

What’s next for Charlie…an obituary?

Just for the rest of this season, right? I think they should cancel it permanently .

They might as well if they start doing this every time he needs rehab.

Given the problems Charlie has had over the last few years and how lacking in humor the show is, I’m suprised it took his nutty rant on the radio today to bring this about.

Christ, could he have tried harder to come across as a bigger dick in that interview? And not in a cool ‘I’m sticking it to da man!’ way either.

I think that’s probably very likely. I can’t see them forgiving Charlie for this, and without him there’s no show.

Not to mention the half-man is now pretty much a full-man.

What’s he done this time?

Personally, I think it’s the worst show on TV. But based on its consistently good ratings, you and I are in the minority. They’ve been weighing this success against his obvious problems with addiction, drug use and violence (and the media’s take on them). I think it was the bashing Chuck Lorre (including the anti-semiticism) that did it.

Man…looks like rehab is the least of Sheen’s needs. Several years of intensive therapy with a good head shrinker would help a lot more.

Yeah, but who are these people? My wife and I had an episode on one time for about 10 minutes. Wow, it was terrible. I mean, it was worse than a regular sitcom.

I have no idea how a shot like this succeeds today. It’s far worse than the average sitcom.

Update from the LAT:

It seems like Charlie is waging some kind of psycho-PR duel with Ms. Lohan. They seem to be worthy and well-matched adversaries.

I think it’s certainly better than the average sitcom, and I can understand why it’s popular. It’s not something that I would go out of my way to see at all, at all, but it’s on pretty much continually, so I’ve seen a fair bit incidentally. (Wife likes the TV on sometimes for noise. Argh.)

I think most sitcoms are unwatchable. Two and Half Men grates on mea bit because of the laughtrack and the time spent mugging after the jokes. But I can admit that the back-and-forth on it has some appeal.

It ain’t The Big Bang Theory, but it has a hint of that greatness.

A meltdown worthy of Techchick.

For me it’s* The Big Bang Theory* that I can’t watch because of the laughtrack and the time spent mugging after the jokes. I’ve never gotten through an episode yet - it’s one of the worst I’ve ever seen for it, and it seems to be every 3-4 seconds or so.

I’m not a fan of *Two and a Half Men *either, though - I find it pretty boring.

Bizarrely, I still watch re-runs of Friends. Dunno why, but I still find that one funny.

I don’t care for the show because it’s bathroom humor. You can tell the writers are sitting around saying, “Now how can we work bowel movements or toliets into the next three minutes.”

And OK I guess that would be fine, if you like that, but what bugs me is how GOOD, the cast is. Jon Cryer, Conchata Ferrell, and Sheen himself are FUNNY. They are capable of being hysterical without resorting to every other word being toliet humour.

The show would be far more respected if they took the bathroom humour out. And that’s why I think I dislike it so much, is the fact it could be just as funny without the joke and it would be far more respected. Sheen is funny and Cryer and Ferrell have long since proved they have great ability to do comedy. (Why it took Ferrell so long to have a really breakout role, I don’t know, she deserved it much earlier on.)

As for cancelling the show? I doubt it. CBS doesn’t have anything strong to fill the 8pm slot. The Big Bang Theory is the obvious choice, but it’s doing very well on Thursdays and CBS would be giving back the night if they moved it back.

How I Met Your Mother is a minor hit, so far #42 is it’s best overall ranking. It’s getting long in the tooth as well, so moving it to 9pm (8pm Central) doesn’t seem to be the answer either.

I hope this is wake up call to Sheen, to get help and figure out what he needs to do to stay sober. It must be nice to have millions of dollars, but if kill yourself as a result of those dollars, you might as well be broke.

As Lauren “The Love Boat” Tewes said about her addiction, “I knew having millions of dollars could buy me a lot of things, but I never though it could buy me an early death.”

That’s a lot of drugs, right there.

Sheen was a fool to pick a fight with Lorre. Sheen needs Lorre a lot more than Lorre needs Sheen.

Well, it looks like it is over, with Alan in the last two episodes suddenly developing multiple hilarious personalities.

This is one of those insane rants where I understand what the words mean individually, but put together, not so much. Some serious crazy going on.

I think my favorite bit is “I cured it with my mind!” And what the hell is a Vatican assassin warlock?

What exactly does being a “vatican assasin warlock” entail? Do you get to kill people with a magical pope hat? 'Cause I so want to do that.